Fashion Cents: Quality Purchases

I was discussing with my husband last night that while I have finally figured out which shoes are high quality and I’m comfortable investing in them, and I’ve managed to get the hang of purchasing dress pants that do not unravel and fall apart, shirts are a difficulty. I prefer soft knits in bright colors, which unfortunately pill or stretch over time. For button downs, I have a problem that they shrink and the arms eventually become too short.

My husband suggested buying a shirt from every store at the mall to determine which ones hold up best. I am interested in this, but I am turning to you all for some general suggestions as to what to look for in materials, or what manufacturers you know just aren’t trying very hard these days (Ann Taylor Loft, I am looking at you). For example, I know that New York and Company tops only hold up for a year or so, and I would like something more durable. So far, only my dry-clean only tops last, because they don’t get a lot of wearing. I also feel that cottons do not hold up very well over time, but maybe I’m just trying the wrong stores.

So where do you shop and what do you buy?



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2 responses to “Fashion Cents: Quality Purchases

  1. Lethe

    Good question! For button-downs, I haven’t found a great affordable solution – Thomas Pink and Brooks Brothers have beautiful shirts that really will last, but for a steep price. Still, with years of wearability I have concluded it’s worth it. The only other button-down I have that has lasted well is from H&M!

    For knits, the ones that have held up best for me are from Banana Republic. I think you’re right that in general cotton tops inevitably lose their form. I try to look for things with a little stretch because they seem to do better over time.

    • vadoporroesq

      All of my tops from Banana Republic get really bad pilling after just a few wears – but I am buying them from the Outlets, so I will give the regular store a try!

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