Go Further: January

There is a reason I haven’t posted. Well, there are two.
1) I didn’t want this to get lost in a flurry of New Year’s Resolutioning, and I didn’t want readers to get caught up in New Year’s Resolutioning and set unattainable goals for themselves for January.

2) I don’t really know what my goal for January is.

My main goal for the first month + four days of this year is Do Not Die During the Uwharrie Mountain Run. I’m not really sure how to crash train for massive hills in three weeks (our training is pretty good – two more long runs are scheduled, but it’s the hills on the trails). I’m thinking maybe a lot more elliptical/climber/stairmaster-ing than I’m doing. We did a 14 mile trail run last week and it was brutal. The race is 20 miles. There will definitely be a lot of walking (possibly all 12 uphills). I’m trying to decide if it’s best to adopt a walk-run strategy to try to save our legs so we can stay on pace, or run until we think our legs are going to give out and then limp the rest of the way. Coach Google suggests a 5:1 walk ratio (five minutes to one minute), which might be what we need to survive.

But otherwise, things are sporadic with goal setting. I’m trying to focus on running and flexibility, so my hamstrings don’t get so tight during the long hills. I’m also battling a foot injury, so I’m trying not to over-train, so I’ve been hitting the elliptical a lot – oh, did I forget to mention that I finally joined a gym? Yay!!!!

So essentially, my January goal is to stay active and not hurt myself. That being a not-great goal, I haven’t been that motivated to share it. I’m inclined to say that we will all wait out the resolutioners and we’ll restart the Go Further challenges in February. But if you have a goal and you want to share, please feel free!

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  1. I think that those are good goals, even if they’re not as precise as other months. We just bought a flex pass for two centers near us, and we’re having a great time doing different classes (core and more, yogalates, and zumba). It’s been a fun way to try to get in shape and have a good time too.

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