Go Further: December Challenge

Have you done something active today?  Because if you haven’t, or you’re having trouble getting motivated, check out this video.

The statement he makes that I love, love, love, is that if you are obese but still active, you can dramatically reduce your health problems.  I find this incredibly encouraging for overweight people that have trouble losing weight, but are active, and it also goes to show what the HAES movement has been talking about for years, which is that being fat doesn’t necessarily equal being unhealthy.  I’m not saying that everybody should go ahead and be overweight as long as they are active, but I am saying equating healthy with thin bothers me.

So maybe, we should instead look to equate being active with being healthy, which is part of what I’m trying to do with my own life.  This morning, I got up, put in 25 minutes of walking on the treadmill, and this evening, I’m going on a group bike ride. In which we put Christmas lights on our bikes.  Yeah, you wish you were coming.

How am I doing on my goals?

-I ran on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday this week.  Goal met.

-I exercised every day.  I did yoga twice, ran thrice, and today I walked on the treadmill.

-Have not done Ripped in 30 yet. Maybe next week.

How are you doing on yours? If you haven’t set a goal, just comment and say how you are going to be more active, or tell me why you don’t find all the fancypants numbers the video throws out compelling.



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3 responses to “Go Further: December Challenge

  1. I am one of those annoying fitbit users who is all obnoxious and “YAY fitbit” on twitter, but it works. That thing makes me want to move. Maybe it is because I see it as a different goal. It’s not the “go to the gym goal” or “workout x times this week” (which loses its luster on me after a while), but rather walk 10k steps a day, 70k in a week, 5 miles per day, etc… And of course, naturally when you are getting those kinds of steps in, you are being active and learning the fastest and most efficient ways to get it done (running, elliptical, shopping, etc).

    Anyway, I normally strive for 70k/week and usually meet it or fall a bit short. This week I challenged another fitbit-er to 80k and so far, I’m above the goal daily avg. Surprisingly, it wasn’t really all that hard to set a goal to go further (oh hey pun, you like that?). So yes, 80k by Monday. I’m doing well so far.

  2. Kinzie Kangaroo

    Ughhhhh I’m not doing well with this. Here’s the thing: my job is 8 hours on my feet all day. So I get home, and the last thing I want to do is work out, even for just 10 minutes. But watching this video is newly inspiring for me. I just … ugh. I guess I need to get up just a little bit earlier. Right? (Maybe I need some Meg-style yelling at me to get me off my butt. Or some Ellie style yelling??? Whatchu got, girl?) 🙂

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