Go Further: December Challenge

Okay, yes, I will admit to being way way behind on the challenges.  I didn’t update at all in November, mostly because, 1) I didn’t meet my goals and 2) I started these challenges so that we could all work out together and nobody has been commenting much lately so I assumed ya’ll were busy.

But, apparently, I am not the only person whose pants don’t fit so well these days, so here we go.

In December, I will:

-Run three times a week, following the marathon training app.  Two short runs during the week, one long run on the weekend.

-Exercise every day. Even if it is just ten minutes of yoga.  I think I’ve worked out every day this month, so winning so far.

-Actually do the Ripped in 30 DVD more than twice.

What will you do to #gofurther this month?  Besides, obviously, using the hashtag to motivate ourselves on Twitter.



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2 responses to “Go Further: December Challenge

  1. Kinzie Kangaroo

    I really like your idea of some exercise everyday. Even if it’s just 10 minutes, to get my body moving is important in the first place. So I’m going to make a goal of doing some exercise everyday, even if it’s just 10 minutes of a dvd, or a little walk outside. Just something.

    I think that’s a good start for me, actually. I’m in the midst of a competition where we are trying to do 5 half hour chunks a week, but with my current schedule, it’s just not possible. But if I ease myself in this way, maybe I’ll get to that goal eventually!

  2. I’m torn between picking something I know I can do, like work out 3 times a week or really push myself and do 5. Really I just need to work out period and start tracking my food again instead of eating Ramen and drinking beer every day. So I guess thats my goal.

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