Election Day

I voted yesterday.  Election day around here is kind of silly, because the city is about 90% democrat, so anything that gets decided, gets decided in the primary.

I love the democratic system, the American process, the West Wing, and all that other feel good civic duty stuff.  But lets be clear: there are some things we just shouldn’t vote on.

One of those things is marriage.  It’s a basic civil right and it shouldn’t be up for discussion and it should be open to any couple who chooses to enter it, as long as they are over the age of majority.  And as to the bullsh*t argument that if gay marriage is legalized, polygamy can’t be far behind, I say, show me a well organized group of polygamists with 53% of the American people supporting it’s right to enter into marriage, and then we’ll talk.  But for right now, this is the issue, and we should be ashamed of ourselves for putting this on a ballot to allow people to make moral and religious-based judgments of a basic civil right.

Another one of those things is personhood.  I remember an anti-choice lecture I went to where a woman said that the only difference between a fetus and human being is size, and we don’t kill short people.  But if we re-define personhood to include feti, we’re looking at a whole slew of problems.  Including things like ectopic pregnancies, which have no chance of survival and very seriously endanger the life of the mother.  Including things like in-vitro fertilization and contraceptive use and questions like can you charge a woman who is smoking and drinking while pregnant with being a negligent mother and take her baby away from her?  (Except no, of course you can’t.)  There are ways to go about making abortion illegal that are way smarter than this, and cause way less damage.  I could mention that the obvious way is to make birth control more widely available and accessible, but ya’ll know that.

The one thing I’m still on the fence about is whether judges should be elected.  I go back and forth on this one – I don’t think that running for office helps judges do their job, I don’t think that it keeps them honest or thoughtful, and I definitely don’t think that it’s appropriate for members of the judiciary branch to run for office.  On the other hand, there are some really bad judges.  Really bad ones.  So I guess I get it.

What do you think should or shouldn’t be voted on?


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