Big, scary things are happening with the job search right now. I’m terrified of stepping out of limbo into the realm of a salaried position with benefits and paid holidays and vacations and all that nonsense, because with that comes the assumption that I will stay at the job and ohgodwhatifidontlikeitortheydontlikeme? Permanence is scary.

So instead, let’s discuss what I should wear to my husband’s 10-year-reunion this weekend. I need to look hot, but not he-married-me-for-my-looks hot (let’s face it, that’s not possible). I need to look fashionable, but not so well dressed that people are afraid of me (not really a concern either). I also need to look smart, since he went to a nerdy-tech high school and I’m insecure enough around people that are smarter than me. So yeah, smart, stylish, and a clear step-up from his high school girlfriends.

I was thinking of some kind of cool top, denim pencil skirt, tights/leggings, and knee high boots with a high heel. Of these items, I own the denim pencil skirt and the leggings. I alternatively was thinking little black dress or sweater dress that doesn’t make me look like a giant lumpy mess, leggings, and boots or cute shoes. The problem is really I have no idea what kind of venue we’re dealing with. It’s at a bar, so I don’t think it’s cocktail dress formal (if it was, I wouldn’t need your help), but I think it’s fancier than everyday. I want something that will work if it suddenly is cocktail dress formal, but doesn’t look out of place if everybody else is wearing jeans and t-shirts.

Oh, and awesome accessories. I can’t do accessories, so please help! Budget is $50. Go team, go!



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2 responses to “Anxious

  1. Rachelle

    I would go with a jersey wrap dress in a pretty color or a print with dark tights and tall boots. That’s my go to look for these type of things.

  2. Jo

    Fingers crossed for the job stuff.

    I agree with Rachelle about wrap dress. They’re astonishingly attractive.

    And I’m shite at accessories, too.

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