I decided, my second year of law school, that since I like having short hair, and it’s easier to take care of, I would never grow my hair out below my shoulders again. Which I have mostly stuck to. It got a little long after the wedding last year when I was unemployed and couldn’t afford a haircut, and I hated it. I vastly prefer short hair.

Which is why I’m finally getting a haircut. I grew my hair out a little bit for my sister-in-law’s wedding, just so I could have some fun with it, but then I didn’t have time to get a haircut and now it’s been two months and I’m far overdue. When I went to look for haircut inspiration this morning though, I found this forum talking about whether short hair is professional. I don’t really have an opinion on whether short hair is professional – I think neat hair is professional, and however you want to achieve that is up to you. But some of the anti-short-hair sentiments made my blood boil.

"Until then, I will look like a woman. If I wanted to look like a man, I would have had a sex change." Really? Really? Way to be classy, and insult a whole lot of people all in one sentence.

"Sexist! I guess men can’t handle too much woman, so he prefers somebody more butch looking to avoid getting to attracted to her." Really, you think a chin length bob is butch? You think my hair really stops somebody from being attracted to me? (My husband disagrees.)

So this got me thinking – I personally like having short hair that looks good with a suit. I could care less what other women do with their hair. What do you think?



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4 responses to “Hair

  1. I’m with you. I like my short hair, but if other women prefer to keep theirs long I don’t see that as a reflection on their professionalism. The important thing is “neat,” not “short.”

    As for short hair being unfeminine … people who think that can bite me. (Very mature, I know.) I have years of pictures demonstrating that I look much, much better with short hair than I did with long. Doesn’t matter if I pulled my long hair back or let it loose — a face-framing bob is just more flattering on me, end of story. And for the record, I got hit on *way* more after I chopped off my hair.

    • vadoporroesq

      I don’t get hit on. Not sure why. But so far, I haven’t come home with a haircut that makes my husband say “ew”, so I think I’m winning for now.

  2. I think short hair on a woman can be very, very sexy. I met my husband when I had short hair and I genuinely think he prefers it short. And it can be very professional. I don’t understand why the argument that short hair is not feminine has anything to do with professionalism too.

    I’m a little wary of saying “neat” hair is professional. What about afros? Are those considered “neat”? There’s a whole lot of contention on women of color and how their hair fits into the whole “professional” sphere. I do not believe flat ironing black hair is the only way to make it “professional.” An attitude like that dictates that white hair is the only type of hair that is professional and that women of color should make their hair look like white hair.

  3. Jo

    I like people with hair that they like.

    I’m in trouble because I can’t handle my hair unless it’s short and easy. It’s currently long and I REALLY want to cut it, but I haven’t found THE style yet. Or a good hairdresser here. (Cue tiny violin)

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