Go Further: November & A Long Term Goal

I don’t know if you know this, but November 1 is a big day in the racing community. Several races open registration today, which means I spent 45 minutes this morning trying to sign up for the Uwharrie Mountain Run. Finally, they let me in, and I paid $54 for the privilege of running 20 miles in the bitter cold mountains down in North Carolina.

Don’t worry, the race is like, 6 weeks before the marathon I’m signed up for. Which makes me not totally crazypants. Except for the part where I just signed up to run 20 miles. But that’s really only 7 miles longer than the furthest I’ve ever run, so I will totally be fine. But this means taking a somewhat more long-term focus on my training and then breaking down the months. Each month, my fitness goal will be part of a larger fitness goal.

So my November goal is to be able to run 15 miles by the end of the month. To achieve this goal, I will run twice a week during the week and go for a long run on the weekends. 15 miles is three laps of the reservoir at my husband’s parents house, where I will be the weekend of Thanksgiving, so I will make that my ultimate goal date, but I might reach it earlier while pacing my crazy friend E. (she’s doing the 40-miler) on her 50 mile race in mid-November.

What is your goal, and how are you going to reach it? Did you sign up for any races today?


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