Go Further: October Challenge!

How is everybody doing? I’m doing surprisingly well this week, all things considered. On Saturday and Sunday, I went for a run. I did six miles on Saturday and about two on Sunday (plus a two mile walk). On Monday, I did a yoga workout on Hulu that was pretty terrible – the instructor was annoying and the workout got interrupted by commercials, which is why workouts on Hulu kinda suck.

I also went running on Tuesday and Wednesday. I did about two miles on Tuesday and three on Wednesday. It might sound like I’m running a lot, and I am, because apparently, I’m marathon training. We haven’t started our formal training program yet, but I’m stepping up my mileage and trying to get used to making time for running during the week, since I’m going to need to be running 3-4 days a week to train for the marathon.

I also went to yoga. And I’m going to yoga again today. The studio near me started a Wednesday night “community” class, which is only $6. It was a hot class and it was really good. The instructor was new and pretty good, but she clearly doesn’t yet have the soothing yoga instructor voice down, and she was a smidgen perky, and she played music that was a little more rock & roll than I usually like, but that made class pass really fast.

This morning I did Ripped in 30 again, and Jillian is annoying me a little less, but I don’t yet feel like this workout is as good as 30 Day Shred. Part of it is that it takes up more space. So she has you go from squats to the mat to do presses, etc. and since you only have 30 seconds for each exercise and it takes longer to set up, because you have to put the mat back and then lie down and then get set up for the exercise. Then you go up into side-to-side lunges, which we don’t really have room for. I think this problem could be solved by rearranging the furniture and maybe cleaning, but for now, I’m at least less annoyed by Jillian and her incessant weirdness.

I think tomorrow morning I’m either going to do Ripped in 30 again, or go for a run. I’m supposed to do 10-miles this weekend, but am probably going to do that on Sunday.

How is everybody else doing? It’s supposed to snow this weekend (WTF) and there seems to be some frost outside this morning, so we are heading into winter – how are you planning to keep the winter blahs from settling in?


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  1. I saw on Twitter that you didn’t want to, but forged ahead and did Ripped in 30 anyways. Nice job!!

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