So I wrote this post awhile ago, but the past two weeks, I’ve caved.  I’ve been wearing makeup.  I’m wearing it for me, which you know because I work in an office with three people and I don’t see clients anymore.  But I’m pretty happy doing it, because it only takes an extra two minutes and I just wear foundation and blush and a bit of lip gloss and it makes me look a lot better and feel a lot better about how I look.  It’s stupid, but I’ve been breaking out lately and so I need the extra help of some makeup.

So this leads to the next issue: if I wear makeup, I need to take off makeup before I sleep.  I use those makeup remover sheets, but I don’t like them.  They are kind of itchy and my face doesn’t feel clean.  I would much rather use just a washcloth, but that doesn’t seem to get everything off.  I’m not going to use cold cream, I’m just not.  Also, it’s winter, almost, and my skin has gotten dry.  So I need your help and suggestions for:

-A good makeup remover or makeup removing soap (I’m not wearing eye makeup yet, so I don’t need anything hardcore)

-A good technique for washing the makeup off my face without water running down my elbows

-A good face scrub (I’m on a budget here, so let’s keep it under $10) to exfoliate, since I’m using an Olay one right now that I don’t like and they seem to have discontinued the last one I liked.

-A good pressed mineral foundation (again, budget – must stay under $15) because the loose minerals is not working for me anymore.  My office has an Avon lady – does anyone use Avon and recommend it?

-A good tinted moisturizer, in case I decide to go back to being lazy.



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6 responses to “Makeup

  1. I have the BEST scrub for you. Love it so much I’ve been meaning to write a review on my blog. I was never a “scrub” sort of girl (never liked the St. Ives Apricot stuff people rave about) but need a good, regular, exfoliation.

    Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub.

    Love this stuff and my face always feels super clean and smooth. The smell is great (actually smells like grapefruit) and usually lasts me a good month or two. BUT – you can’t get the generic stuff. It is NOT the same. Smells gross, different consistency, you go through it faster bc of the consistency. Not good. Glad I just finished the knockoff bottle so I can go back to the good stuff.

    • I agree with Courtney – this scrub is great. They have a citrus/orange one that I think smells better and works identically. If I”m using another scrub for another reason and it doesn’t stop break outs, I buy this one and it clears my skin up in a day or so. Doesn’t dry me out. Just awesome.

  2. I’m still not wearing makeup these days (except lip gloss and mascara), so I don’t have any suggestions– but, I was wondering if you (or anyone else) had a good recommendation for a moisturizer for people with very dry skin who also have acne?? I can’t seem to find a good, inexpensive one that doesn’t aggravate one or the other of those conditions. 😛

  3. I’m not much help since I don’t wear make-up very often, but for tinted moisturizer, I’ve always had good luck with just mixing some foundation into my regular moisturizer. The foundation I currently have is some fancy-pants stuff I bought for the wedding, but I’m pretty sure that if I continue to mix it with my plain ol’ Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer (the only thing that doesn’t make me break out), I can make that foundation last for years, or until it dries up, whichever comes first.

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