Go Further: October Challenge

Check in!  How’s it going?

This week, as part of my half-marathon recovery (the race did not go well you guys – I came in at a personal worst), I did yoga three times, and only did Ripped in 30 twice, and went running once (but I’m going running tomorrow, so that’s fine.)

Ripped in 30 is okay so far – it’s not as good as the 30 Day Shred, but the exercises are different and the workouts are good. Jillian is just even MORE annoying in this one.  It’s like her badass reputation has gone to her head, and she spends the workouts alternating between being super-yelly, which doesn’t translate well, and being super-weird and hitting on her demonstrators.  I skipped level one because even though it’s a good workout, she goes through a very long bit on how “you don’t buy a Jillian Michaels workout expecting it to be easy!”  Which just got very….egotastic.

How’s everybody else doing?


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One response to “Go Further: October Challenge

  1. I kind of want to get Ripped in 30 now, just to see Jillian be super annoying…;)

    I’m doing… ehhh. My car was in the shop for a week, and I tried to keep doing some workout videos online, but missed going to the gym. I’m searching around for some kind of “couch to 5k” *for the elliptical* program (but something harder would be preferable- I already do 3-4 miles), but if I don’t find one, I think I’ll just make something up myself. I need a goal, because I’m feeling stagnant exercise-wise.

    It’s weird: I try not to set weight-related goals, or even “fit into this pair of pants” by __ date-goals nowadays… I think it’s more healthy for me mentally (have struggled with some disordered eating issues), but I miss that motivation.

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