The 1%

In June, the stock company told me they could only send the DRIP information to the personal representative, and they would mail it.
In July, they said they had mailed it and I should wait longer to call to say it was never received. The PR never received it.
In August, they said they would mail it again to the PR. Never received.
In September, they said they would fax it. Never received.
Today, they said to fax over a copy of the death certificate and then they could fax me the information.

I really don’t know how people who didn’t go to law school or some kind of business/finance/accounting school are supposed to navigate this system, since I’m barely able to keep it straight.  I am starting to find that the banks and the financial institutions are really and truly set up to be inaccessible for most Americans, and that is something I find appalling and frankly unAmerican.  I want a new financial future where we know what we earn, what we owe, what happens to our money, and what we should do with it if we are lucky enough to have it.


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