Go Further: October Challenge

This has been a totally scrapped go further week. I went running once. But, it’s okay, because I’m EXCITED.

Tomorrow I’m running my 3rd half marathon. It’s my favorite race too, because it’s in my city, a city that is normally kind of scary and violent and full of drug users and people with untreated mental illness. But for this one day a year, it’s magic. The streets become lined with people from all walks of life. It turns out that while wealthy people with disposable income tend to be who runs a race that costs $65-110, they aren’t the only ones that cheer for it. People get really excited and they jump up and down on the sidelines with their kids and they offer you water and Sweedish Fish and gummy bears and tiny high fives as you run past them. They yell your name or the name of your college or whatever else is on your shirts, "c’mon Virginia!" or "let’s go Terps". Everyone is in a good mood, except the idiots who forgot today is race day and are sitting at intersections on the street, with their engines running, waiting for the road to clear (dude, go home – do you have any idea how many people run this thing?)

If anybody out there is thinking about running their first half-marathon or full marathon, seriously consider doing a Big Race in a city. Especially for a first race, the crowd is great. It’s energy. It’s electric. It’s 13.1 miles of smiles, waves, and cheers. It’s 13.1 miles of people telling you that You Are Awesome (but you knew that, right?) I’ve done the Big Race and I’ve done the quiet suburban streets race and man, the difference is powerful.

How are you going further this weekend?


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One response to “Go Further: October Challenge

  1. To be absolutely honest, that city scares me. I normally avoid it, BUT… running that race was one of my absolute faves. It made me fall in LOVE with the city for a day. It was absolutely the best way to experience the different areas, the different people, and made me smile the whole way to the finish.

    GOOD LUCK! Hope you are lucky enough to catch the gummi bear man!

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