Plenty of tea. No parties.

I’m not going to say that if Obama dooesn’t win reelection, I will definitely move. But if some of the more extreme candidates win, I’m definitely going to consider it.  My husband is a UK citizen,so when I fantasize about where to move, my first thought is England. There is also the possibility of Scotland or Wales.  We can realize my retirement dream of running a B&B fifty years early, (since I don’t really want to go through more school to be able to practice law) and maybe rescue corgis.

At our B&B, we shall serve a proper high tea and quite possibly run a small-scale restaurant that serves plenty of vegetarian English specialties like vegetable lasagna and vegetarian pies, and a lot of locally sourced and humanely raised meats.  We shall have a monthly Cheese Feast in which we sample many kinds of cheese in many kinds of dishes.  I think the B&B shall be in the south of England, where cider is quite popular, and if our guests wish it, we can arrange for them to go on tours of the local Cidery.  We shall purchase many acres of land so that my parents can’t come build a house right next door.  I will learn to speak proper British and stop talking about pants.

Will you join me? Or perhaps you would like to join me instead in contributing money and time to any candidate in this election cycle that doesn’t hate science and poor people?



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6 responses to “Plenty of tea. No parties.

  1. “But if some of the more extreme candidates win, I’m definitely going to consider it.”

    We were saying the same thing. I honestly can’t even think about a country ruled by some of the nuttier candidates; it makes me hyperventilate.

    I would love to run a b&b in England (or Scotland or Wales!) with you guys… that sounds like so much fun– esp. the Cheese Feast. Mmm. You could run some kind of bicycle tour, too, for more adventurous types. That’s pretty sweet that your husband is also a UK citizen, not sure if I knew that.

    And yeah, definitely gonna donate money and hopefully volunteer, too. Because as fun as moving sounds, I’d prefer it if we elected someone who’s not going to try (again) to turn this country into a theocracy. 😛

    • vadoporroesq

      I wish I had the energy to pack up and move to a swing state for the next year and a half, but I’m not sure if I have another campaign in me, and I love my husband. So there’s that.

  2. Anyone thinking of moving to Canada would be well-advised to Google current Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who was just re-elected with a new majority in Parliament. I am reasonably sure he is a member of the Evil League of Evil, and he is at least as bad as Rick Perry and definitely worse than Mitt Romney. Still better than Bachmann though, but I don’t consider Bachmann a serious threat. There’s enough inherent worry about whether a woman can be “tough” enough to be president that I think the migraines will sink her candidacy.

    • vadoporroesq

      Plus you had so much trouble with insurance and a work permit and whatever else, I did not even put Canada on the list.

      • Fair warning: Canada pales in comparison to the UK when it comes to senseless bureaucratic rules. I once had a UK bank employee tell me that even though he admitted that I’d brought all of the right documentation to get an account, he thought one of my documents was “too hard to understand” and he therefore wasn’t going to give me an account. I’m not proud of this, but I cried (this was my 4th trip to the bank and I was just so frustrated). That finally did it.

  3. I’m coming to England with you to help run the B&B. You’ll need employees, yes?

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