No Shampoo – several weeks in.

I will admit, I nearly gave up on no-shampoo, because it wasn’t seeming to work very well anymore, and my hair was still getting kind of gross after three days of not shampooing.  I’m sticking with it, for now, since my hair seems to have settled pretty well past the greasy stage (although I am badly in need of a haircut), but I have encountered the following things:

1) Really itchy scalp.  After extensive googling the cause of an extremely itchy scalp, on a day I had washed my hair with baking soda, it appeared that the problem might very well have been that I used too much baking soda, and didn’t properly rinse it out.  So I’ve increased the water to baking soda ratio and also take more care to rinse out my hair.  This seems to have helped.  I also bought some tea tree oil and will be using that.  Once I figure out how. It seems like I should just add the oil to the baking soda “shampoo” mix, or apply directly to my scalp.  Any tips?

2) My hair has been falling out.  I don’t mean a few strands here or there, I mean every time I “shampoo” it, I’m losing a giant clump, and then more when I comb it. Anyone know whether this is somehow linked to not shampooing or is common when not shampooing?  Is it just because I’m not washing it every day, so when I do “wash” it, 3-5 days of hair loss is becoming apparent?  My husband assures me I’m not looking bald, and therefore shouldn’t worry.  The internet says that losing up to 100 strands a day is normal, but I remain concerned.  And embarrassed at the large amount of hair I’m leaving in every shower I use – I feel like I’m in the dorms again! (Yes, I clean it up, but still. Hair, everywhere!)

3) I tried not using the apple cider vinegar when we were in the UK, because I didn’t want to be bringing a sketchy bottle of it with me in my luggage, and I didn’t want it to break and make my clothes smell like vinegar.  Without the vinegar, my hair was super frizzy and brittle and unhappy, and as soon as I came home and washed it with the apple cider vinegar, it calmed down and became manageable again.

Anyone else switch off shampoo and find anything interesting about it?


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