Go Further: September Challenge!

Alright, it’s comment-in time! How was your week?

Mine went surprisingly well, until this morning, when I woke up with a terrible stomachache.  I don’t believe in exercising when it is going to make me feel worse, not better, so I skipped Shred.  I’m hoping to be able to do it tonight when I get home from work, but that’s only if I feel better.

Nonetheless, I shredded on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Actually looking at it, it looks unimpressive.  I skipped Sunday and Monday, since we were staying with my sister.  I hope to get back to it tomorrow, and also go to Salutation Nation with Lululemon (you should go too! Find a lululemon near you at http://www.lululemon.com.  No, they don’t sponsor this blog.  But I do have one of their running skirts and it’s awesome.)

I went for a 9.8 mile run on Monday, which I’m now fully recovered from, and on Wednesday, I moved up to Level 2 on the 30 Day Shred. I find that if I wait until I’m “ready” I’m just going through the motions on Level 1 and not really being challenged, so I’m really glad I decided to just do it and moved up to Level 2.  I would recommend that anybody doing the shred challenge at least give Level 2 a shot – you can always dial it back down if you need to, but it’s hard and it’s also just a good change of pace.

So how is everybody else doing?



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3 responses to “Go Further: September Challenge!

  1. I got down to a nine-minute mile (for just one mile, but I’m still pumped I could do it). I ran three miles yesterday but got lost in the park, got a ridiculously painful side stitch, and had to walk home. If i had run home, it would have been 10K, which is my goal for this weekend’s “long run” with Collin.

    I still pretty much hate running, but I’m still doing it, and at the end of any day I’ve gone for a run I feel better about how I’m living my life.

  2. Uh, yeah. 30DS has been non-existent. OOPS!

  3. Mel

    I had a pretty good week in spite of ending it tonight with a minor shin splint. I worked out 3 times this week- my goal. Workout #1 was Week 1 Day 1 of C25K. Workout #2 was with my personal trainer- boxing and strength training. Workout #3 was Week 1 Day 2 of C25K.

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