GoFurther: September Challenge

Oh man! It’s Friday! So that means it’s check-in day, even though the month only started yesterday.  It’s not too late to set a goal for September, btw. I realized this morning that I have 25 subscribers to this blog, and yet only 3 of you are joining in the challenge for this month.  Your challenge goal can be anything, even “this month, I will go to the gym at least one time.”  And I’ve had that goal in the past, so you will get zero judgment from me.  Your goal can also be a previous goal that you haven’t reached, like touching your toes or running 10 miles in less than 1:40 (which I may actually do this month!)

If you have a longer-term goal than just September (for example, you are running a half-marathon or 5k this fall – I know a lot of you are!), you can incorporate that into your challenge.  Your goal can be as simple as, “do my training runs” or “go to run club”.

If you are joining the 30 Day Shred Challenge, feel free to check out the new page for it that will be up for the month of September on the top of the blog.



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2 responses to “GoFurther: September Challenge

  1. I’m finally getting into running (expect a long blog post about this soon), so I guess my September goal is going to be… continue getting into running? I don’t know enough to have a more specific goal yet.

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