Wales (Part I)

We are home.  The trip was awesome.  We spent 3 full days in Wales, and 3 full days with the husband’s family, and it was everything a vacation should be, except maybe relaxing.

The good thing about vacations that are a little bit stressful is that coming home feels like it is also a vacation.  Yes, I have to go to work, but there are no more hours-long train or coach rides in my future, for the time being.

Nonetheless, we did get a chance to relax.  I will recap our cycle trip separately, but for here I will state that the Taff trail is not “mostly flat” and August, while perhaps the dry season for Wales, is still Wales.

I have created a new rule for trips to the UK, which is, “never travel without fleece.”  I waffled on whether or not to bring my fleece jacket, deciding on “no” and brought a lightweight cotton hoodie.  I wish I still owned a microfleece jacket, something like this, as that would have been perfect for the trip.  The last time I was in England during the summer, they were having a heat wave so it was 85 degrees.

I am taking today off work to do laundry, wash dishes, go grocery shopping, and take care of some other household-related tasks.  Hopefully I can find the energy to do that and not just sort through 500 pictures from the trip :).  I shall leave you with this one from the Animal Wall next to the Cardiff Castle.


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