You may have heard that an earthquake just rolled through the East coast. Of course, this would happen on my last day of work before vacation and would happen while I’m in the middle of call with a client. Our building is really thin, so I thought it was just somebody running up the stairs or a truck rumbling through the alley, but as the shaking got more and more violent, I realized that either there was an earthquake or the building was collapsing.

Frankly, given where we are located and the crummy construction of the building, I thought the second was more likely.

I was on the phone with my client and explaining to him what I needed him to send me when I decided that whatever was going on, I needed to get under my desk So I hastily told him I would have to call him back and dove under my desk until the shaking stopped. Now that everything is over and the building is still standing, I am left feeling a bit silly.

I had always been very afraid of earthquakes. So much so that as a child, I expressed a desire to never go to California. I love California though, so I’ve gotten over that fear. Additionally, I am now convinced that some lower level earthquakes are probably significantly less dangerous than some of the thunderstorms we have been seeing lately, and there is a hurricane heading up the coast that may very well cause more significant destruction. So the moral of the story for me is that a healthy mistrust of earthquakes is necessary, but I should probably save fear for other things.

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