Fashion Cents: Business Casual Pants

The only rule at my current office is "no blue jeans" and "look a bit fancy if we know we have a client coming". Also, I’m a law clerk, therefore I can get away with a LOT. I generally try to keep it professional, but I’ve started wearing khakis and polo shirts.

I went to buy rain pants for our bike trip, and discovered that rain pants are horrible. It was like wearing a sauna. But on the sale rack, I found a pair of "water resistant" hiking pants. They were in my size, and while $60 is more than I pay for two pairs of regular pants, I felt that I could justify the expense if I could get away with wearing them for work.

Husband isn’t sure that I can pull them off. So these are the pants, and they are flattering, and less baggy in the legs than a lot of my work pants. But they do have zippers at the ankles and the pockets, but they don’t have big cargo pockets so I think they aren’t terribly obviously hiking pants. I do not think I could wear them to court, or days I have client meetings, but I do think I could wear them, with one of my nice t-shirts, for a day in the office. But I don’t know, so I’m asking you folks. Any opinions? Any recs for other super comfortable business pants I can wear hiking?



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2 responses to “Fashion Cents: Business Casual Pants

  1. Hm, it’s hard to say without seeing/feeling the fabric, but I think you could probably get away with those in an office that’s on the casual side of business casual, especially with a nice shirt and non-hiking shoes.

  2. They are borderline. Without seeing them in person, it’s hard to say. But I’m going to lean toward no.

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