Go Further – Summer Challenge

This week, I went to two classes at the gym and walked/ran 8 miles (plus another mile today and probably 1-2 tomorrow). I’m no longer optimistic that I will meet my goal of finishing all 15 classes, since I only have about a week left to do it and have only taken 7 classes, and am going to be out of the area today/tomorrow. But I did manage to save money by not signing up for a gym for the summer, so that’s good, and I have a better sense of what gym I should join in the fall (eg not one with really inconvenient class times).

The weather finally broke this week and we were able to get in a 3-mile run, which felt really good. I would like to have gone running again this morning, but I had a really bad time getting to sleep and woke up feeling really drained and groggy, so I took it easy and gave myself a break.

I’m feeling better and stronger, and have been trying to do more weight lifting, both in the form of Body Pump and in PT type exercises at home, to build muscle strength in my legs and hopefully avoid injury on our bike trip. I really like going to spin class again, but it’s been hard to get back into a groove of going to the gym when I have been gym-less for so long, and it makes me anxious about re-joining a gym, because I like to get my money’s worth out of it. Any tips to help me out? (Besides working out with a friend – I already do that some of the time.)

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