Go Further: Summer Challenge

I skipped last week.  It turns out these posts are really hard to draft on Friday morning now that I, y’know, work Fridays.  Last week was pretty good for me – I walked on the treadmill for at least a mile almost every day, and I ran 5 miles on Saturday morning at the reservoir near my in-laws house.  The weather was seriously perfect and I had a great run.  I also hit a Body Attack and Yoga class, both of which were kind of…not that great.  I really like Body Pump and Spin though, so I hope to stick to that for the rest of this Groupon.

On Monday, I went running again but I’m not sure if it was the alcohol from the bachelorette party still working it’s way out of the system, the slightly higher temperatures, or what, but I was running really slowly and not feeling great, so I turned back after twenty-ish minutes, cutting the run to 3.5 miles.  This morning, I managed to run a little over 4 miles, which puts my week total at 12 miles run/walked, which is actually low compared to what I was doing in the Spring, but we only just got back down to 90 degree days instead of 100 degree days, so I’ll take what I can get.

I’ve been hitting the treadmill in the morning for a mile or two this week, mostly to wake myself up and also so I don’t feel like such a slob watching the Daily Show.  I’m frustrated with my general lack of motivation this summer, especially since last summer, I didn’t have this problem. However, I’m reminding myself that I set a low goal for myself for the rest of summer because I knew it would be problematic.

Fitness classes are going well, but I’m not hitting more than two a week still.  I’m confident that I will be able to use all 15 classes I signed up for – I’m 5 in already, and I have 3 more weeks – but it means being a little more focused, and getting up early in the morning.  The times are really frustrating though – they are all either 6am or 6pm and neither of those work for me.  A 7am, 5:30, or 6:30 pm class would be perfect for me.  However, the gym seems unwilling to conform to my schedule.

How’s everybody else going further this month?



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2 responses to “Go Further: Summer Challenge

  1. Jo

    I’m working hard to let myself have a bit of time off right now. I’m trying to be more active outside for fun, and to eat lots of veg. Come fall I’m going to rigidly schedule spin classes at the Y and yoga at home to combat stress and my SAD.

  2. Cardio still seems to be way easier for me to fit in vs. strength training. 😛

    “However, the gym seems unwilling to conform to my schedule.”

    Haha, yeah – I wish they had classes a bit later at mine, like 9-11, so I could go after I ate breakfast (but not *right* after). But I’m sure there’s probably very little demand for those times.

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