Changing More Habits

So have you heard that sitting kills?  Apparently it does.  I’m mostly concerned about this because my new job is super-sedentary and I drive to work, not walking. There are a few solutions, including building your own standing desk.  Or I suppose buying one, but the people that do that aren’t working as law clerks.

One of my goals in getting a treadmill was to walk more while watching TV to combat the sitting.  Unfortunately, it’s been extremely hot lately, both outside and in.  Also, it’s kind of lame for my spouse to sit on the stability ball and watch whatever TV I’m watching, and the computer we have set up doesn’t have enough RAM.  So, excuses, excuses.

Anyway, there are a couple of things that I can do in the meantime.  We have a counter height table in our living room which I’m standing at while I type this, and my new plan is to stand and eat dinner at it when we eat dinner while watching TV.  I also have Elfa shelving in my craft area that I will be moving around to be standing height and allow me to have a standing desk for crafting and doing some work.

I don’t know how well breaking my sitting habit will go, but at the very least, I can sit on the recliner when I watch TV, as apparently that will put less strain on my back.



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