“Where will that be?”

Today, in talking to my old boss and telling him that I will be done volunteering with the organization the first week of August, I said that I would be looking to move to a full time job once I come back from vacation in August.

To which he said, “where will that be?”

As if I had any clue, or had gotten some kind of offer.  As if it was his business where I was applying.  Which I can see that he thinks that it is, but I don’t tell people where I apply, or where I want to work.  It’s my life, and I’m through discussing my job search with people, even the people who will be acting as my references. I don’t need judgment, I don’t need advice, I don’t even need encouragement. The only person who gets to care where I work is my husband, and that is within the reasonable limits.

So how do I answer this question?  Is a quick, “I’m done discussing my job search” too harsh? I think so.  I hemmed and hawed and said I was looking.  It’s a perfectly innocent question, but I’m touchy, and I’d like to nip the conversation in the bud rather than getting into anything too involved.


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One response to ““Where will that be?”

  1. If you figure out how to shut down job conversation politely and without seeming standoffish, I will pay you for the magic words. Because I am AWFUL at it. No matter what I say there are follow-up questions!

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