Go Further: June Challenge

My challenge ennui continued this week.  I only did 2 weight routines, and hundred pushups once (I am supposed to do it again today and will try to get to it tonight.)  I did go to yoga yesterday, and am going today, and we have 2 long bike rides scheduled for this weekend, so I choose to cut myself some slack.

How is everybody else doing?  I’m not the only slacker, right?  Do you hit workout ennui? How do you push through it?



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5 responses to “Go Further: June Challenge

  1. I am the definition of slack lately. I wish babygrowing was considered exercise. Not so much. We walked to dinner last night…..

  2. Oh man. Turns out my new hours at work (I get home about an hour later in the summer than usual) have really changed the way I block out my evenings. I basically (and unwisely) took this entire week off, so instead of 15 miles, I ran about 3. My body is not happy with me. Trying to get back on the horse tonight, but I’m not expecting too much.

  3. Don’t forget that taking time for rest and recovery is important. Perhaps the ennui is your body telling you that it needs a break?

  4. I did four workouts. Because of my damn finger, they were all mostly cardio. On Friday I did work in lunges and a calf strengthening exercise at the end, and on Wednesday I did two sets of weights for my arms (I normally do three and a lot more types of moves than I did Wednesday — did not want to split open my finger under a lot of pressure). Two of those workouts were Zumba classes. Unfortunately the studio was extremely hot, so I can’t say I gave it my all (so hot that the instructor vomited during class one of the days).

  5. This week = total slacker. Between Father’s Day dinner, anniversary dinner, annniversary cake, me spending 3 days w/my family and eating pizza w/them and not having access to the gym… yeah. Not so hot.

    I am stalling out BIG TIME on the push-ups challenge. It just frustrates me more than anything, since I keep repeating the same weeks and never advancing. Still not sure if I should persist or move on to some other form of strength training.

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