First Day

Tomorrow, I start a new job.  I’m really excited about it – I think it’ll be a good learning opportunity, and I think it was definitely the right move for me, career-wise.

But I’m filled with jitters that come from starting anything new.  Things like…what will I wear? What if I say the wrong thing? I like to joke around a lot at work, and I don’t think my boss is terribly serious, but she’s also not sarcastic and joking-funny the way my current boss is.

I’m also afraid because it’s a tiny office – like, there are two and a half of us working there.  We have to share a computer.  That’s potentially a lot of one-on-one time with another person.

But I’m excited, because it’s experience.  Different experience.  Paying clients experience.  Private practice experience.  Solo practice experience.  All of these are good things.  It’s also a slightly different area of law than I’ve been practicing, but things I need to know if I do want to pursue elder law.

I’m also excited because the workplace is business-casual.  It is “nice pants and a dress shirt” kind of attire.  It’s “you don’t need to wear a suit” kind of an office.  And have I made it quite clear that I don’t care for suits?  Anyway, as they said at the end of How I Met Your Mother this season, New Is Always Better.

So here we go!  Any tips for getting along with people or going with the flow at a new job?


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2 responses to “First Day

  1. Oh good luck! You will do just great on your first day. Getting used to a new work environment is always a little tricky, because there are so many questions but you are not quite sure what they are yet. I’m so excited for you.

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