Go Further: June Challenge

Sorry I’m running behind this week!

This week has been really tough and unpleasant for me, workout wise, because IT’S HOT OUT.  I’m serious.  It’s unbelievably hot out and the idea of exercising, indoors or out, makes me just want to pass out.  Since weight training is my goal for the month and it requires less cardio activity and I can do it while standing in front of the fan, I did get 3 strength training workouts in, but I wasn’t able to do 30-day-shred like I wanted to.

Seriously, I spent my hockey game on Thursday sweating because even though it was freezing in the rink, I still could not cool off enough to be comfortable.

I need to get up early if I want to work out, since by 7am it’s been well over 80 degrees all week.  We should finally get a break next week, and the Husband and I discussed it and I’m going to join the gym, because it is air conditioned and our house is not, and I get plenty of other benefits from it that make it worth it.  Also, fortunately, next week, they are only calling for highs in the 90s two days out of the week, so I should be able to get back into working out.

100 Pushups is going okay – I like the app for it a lot, but it seems to think that I can do 11 pushups when, in fact, I cannot.  I also managed to go to yoga this week, so I was very proud of myself for that.

How is everybody else doing?


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2 responses to “Go Further: June Challenge

  1. It feels awesome here today, but yeah, this past week was MISERABLY hot, muggy, and uncomfortable. Like, sitting in front of two fans and pouring water on my head and still uncomfortable, LOL. I did manage to do week 2 of the pushup/sit-up challenge (again). We’ll see how today goes — was complaining to B that the challenge jumps too far too fast in week 3. I might just add in my own week 2.5.

    Eating – a good week. Not too much dessert and lots of veggies and grains other than wheat (not cutting that out entirely, just trying to branch out some).

    Gym – UGH, my weak spot again. I need to make myself get up and go before breakfast, I think…. will try that tomorrow.

  2. Because I was in Boston for most of the week, I only got 3 workouts done. They were a combo of strength and cardio. I had hoped to start 100 pushups in Boston but the conference was so tiring, I never did.

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