Go Further: May Final Report

JUNE? Are you kidding me? It’s now JUNE!?!  This is just insane.

Okay, so the May challenge was generally a bit of a fail for me, but it was nice to be thinking about getting out on my bike more, and even though I didn’t meet the 4-rides a week, I did do a couple of long bike rides, which were important.  I did 3 rides this week, but one of them was 40 miles.  Actually, technically, since I got off my bike, ate lunch, and then got back on, it counts as two separate times…okay, that is totally cheating.

Today I did a group ride, which, if we go by the week and not by the month, means I met my goal for the week.  So…count it.  I went for a 10-mile ride with a local meetup group that is committed to getting more women to ride in the city. I met four women who live in my neighborhood, one who is about to do her first triathlon, and got to talk to a rockstar world champion mountain biker who used to race for Luna. Everyone was super nice AND I met a city bike planner who is going to build me a bike rack at the court house.

Okay, me and other people, but she agreed that it was necessary and said they were just looking at the plans to where to install them.  So, win.  This group ride rocked compared to the last one.  I’ve already signed up to go for a group ride on Friday morning before work (as I have to work Friday).

So you can either check in now for how you did in May, or you can check in Friday for how you did this week, but  I think I’m gonna wait until Friday to put up the June challenge, and that way we’ll keep it weekly.  Sound good?

We’re not going to talk about how the whole eating vegetables goal went for the month.  I suck, apparently, at eating healthy foods.  But! our CSA starts next week, so until November, I will have vegetables coming out of my ears.



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6 responses to “Go Further: May Final Report

  1. I didn’t actually sign up for the May challenge but I’ve done the 30 Day Shred video 5 times a week for the last 2 weeks and am on track for this week as well. I made it up to Level 2 and already feel in better shape. I’ve slacked on doing this kind of strength work in the past so that feels good. Thinking about my June goals and will be back Friday!

  2. Jo

    I failed. I don’t even remember what my mission was, but I do believe I failed.

  3. Margaret

    This past week was wonky because of the 3-day weekend… I know that “shouldn’t” probably be an excuse, but B and decided to actually start putting some of our stay-at-home-vacation plans into action, and that included a baklava sundae. 😉 We still tried to be sensible, though – so, ate healthier stuff in the mornings (e.g. watermelon, snacked on raisins) when we knew we’d be eating lots of BBQ at night.

    I’m torn about continuing this 100 push-up challenge. I’m starting to wonder if it’s just going to frustrate me week after week: I can’t seem to do more then 10 STILL. Or more than 35 sit-ups. So… I’m going to think about it and figure out if there’s maybe a better challenge for me. And once again, got to the gym 4/5 days. Drove over there Saturday only to find out they were closed. Boo.

  4. I did taper off a little bit toward the end, but I think I managed at least an average of 3 runs a week, and while that doesn’t quite meet my goal of 4 runs a week, it’s definitely better than none, which is where I was before.

    Looking forward to hearing everyone’s goals for June tomorrow!

  5. Well I fell a little short this week because the gym was closed Saturday – Monday. I brought my gym shoes home with me so that I could go running (stab me) or do some sort of strength and calisthenics in the parking lot. But I didn’t. Bad Bunny.

    I will end up getting three workouts in, because last night I had my back facial to help clear up my skin. I thought it would kind of defeat the purpose if I went and worked out after the back facial. So tonight I’m going to push myself a little harder than usual.

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