Go Further: May Challenge

So this week, so far, I’ve ridden my bike 3 times.  I have also eaten several vegetables, although eating one stupid vegetable a day is surprisingly hard.  Once our CSA starts, it’ll be better, because we will always have vegetables in the house.

I rode on Saturday to the farmer’s market and a new local bike shop that has opened up.  It’s really nice and they have a lot of space. I’m worried they might put my favorite local bike shop out of business, with their fancy showroom and ample parking.  On Tuesday, I decided to enjoy my unemployment and got out on the trail. It took me 90 minutes to ride 16 miles, but I was pretty pleased with it since I wasn’t sore at all at the end.  On Wednesday, we went on a group history ride. It was awful. They made us all bike at the slowest woman’s pace, which was 8mph.  I understand the need to not leave anyone behind, but there were two volunteers – one was a “sweeper” and one was the front guy.  They could have said “slower people at the back” or something, but they made no effort to do that.

Plus we had to sit through a really boring lecture on the history of the area.  I was a history major, you guys, and I wanted to stab my eyes out.  We only did about 10 miles, and it took 2 hours.

I will say, I took my road bike for both of these, and it is making a funny noise, so today I will be playing bike doctor and trying to figure out what is making that noise.  It’s important because…oh yeah, we’re doing a 40 mile bike ride this weekend!  Eeep!  It’s the first of our “training rides” for our Wales trip.  Plus I get to test out my new Keen sandals on my road bike (I will probably bring some kind of spare shoes, just in case.

I was going to go to spin class today, but my living social deal at that gym expired yesterday.  As my dad would say, I’m “working the issue” of a gym membership (and finding a pool!) for the summer.  I think I will rejoin my school gym, which has fantastic classes.

I”ll be riding my bike again today down to the grocery store (and possibly the library), because we are out of Crisco and my husband thinks “we” should bring a pie to my cousin’s house tomorrow, so I’ll edit once I’ve done that.

Report in! How’s everybody doing?



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3 responses to “Go Further: May Challenge

  1. I kicked ass this week. I did 5 workouts! Three cardio ones (two of which were Zumba) and two strength. Also, at the end of both Zumba classes, I did a tiny bit of strength as well. I’m feeling really strong and full of energy.

    I have some big plans for my June Go Further goal. Looking forward to it.

  2. Trying to stay w/the slowest biker sounds really frustrating. 😛 Nice to get in a good, long bike ride on your own, though.

    Food-wise = excellent this week. Veggies w/every meal and only had dessert once (homemade mango sorbet, so pretty healthy/not much sugar). Of course, that was more because we were busy and I kept forgetting that we had choc. chips in the fridge until 10pm (my daily cut-off for dessert).

    Went to the gym every day except today (will go tomorrow instead). Knowing I could write about it here helped me drag myself there yesterday, when I really wasn’t feeling it.

    FAILED the push-up test. Okay, not really, but have to repeat week 2. In the same category. Am moving on to week 3 for sit-ups, but dropping back a level (aka not doing so many). I was bummed at first because I’d thought I’d been doing pretty well. I am seeing improvement in my overall stamina, though. Can do 10 pushups w/out stopping, which blows my mind. I was a “girl style”-push-ups-only person 2 weeks ago (what a dumb name, btw). So… getting there, but slower than I expected. I keep wondering if I’ll be able to keep all this up when I get a job… but at the same time, it would be nice to keep my gym membership and buy more healthy food and not feel like those are extreme luxuries.

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