Go Further: What these challenges mean.

I started Go Further when, coming off my post-wedding and unemployment weight gain, I couldn’t seem to motivate myself to work out.  Other friends on twitter were complaining about workout apathy, and That Wife had started TWLC.  TWLC used hash tags on twitter and allowed us to enter our weight, but I was looking for a little more structure in terms of goals, and a place to write about my desire to get back into a good fitness groove.  My tweeps were also looking for some structure and motivation, so I floated the idea of the challenge.  A number of people said they’d be in, so I threw down the gauntlet.  (Why yes, I do owe somebody a prize.  I should deal with that.)

Ever since I started up the challenge, I’ve been more focused.  I think about my workout on a weekly basis – not a “oh, I need to start running again” but, “I need to go running at least twice this week and one of those runs needs to be at X pace so that I can talk about it.”  There are certain things it’s probably pretty sad to do so that you can blog about it, but I don’t think exercising is one of them.

This challenge has given me back my drive and my desire to succeed against myself.  For as all athletes know, the greatest challenge is to beat yourself.  So as I’ve been going through these challenges – the first month, to run 10 miles in less than 1:40, the second to exercise every day, and this month, to get on my bike 4 times a week, I’ve had to force myself to get up in the morning.  To do things I wouldn’t normally do.  To focus myself.  To take chances.  To go outside.

I was extremely beaten down by the job market and my sluggish job search when I started this blog, and the challenges have helped me get back to my old self – and they get me excited about trying new things and figuring out ways to have fun and still fit in a workout.  I feel a lot better, I love being this active, and oh yeah, I’ve lost 13 pounds.  So for everyone who has participated, thank you so much for checking in, keeping me motivated, and for everyone whose on the fence, you too can be a chipper exercise-happy fiend.



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3 responses to “Go Further: What these challenges mean.

  1. I love Go Futher. It’s helped me a lot have some sort of accountability. I’m not losing much weight — I lost those first 5 pounds pretty easily, but anything after that feels a wall. But I’m definitely going to the gym consistently because at the end of the week I don’t want to report I failed. It also really helps to read about other people going to work out (especially through the twitter hashtag), because then it doesn’t feel like I’m the only one battling to be in shape.

  2. Jo

    I haven’t been using it as a weight loss thing. I hope that’s okay. I use it as a self-motivation tool. I use it to push myself a bit further to be healthy. I feel so stressed and panicky that I can’t put any weight issues on it, but I really appreciate using it to make me be good to myself.

  3. So THAT’S what the hashtag you refer to means. I kept wondering “What does The Women’s Law Center have to do with this?” Clearly, I am an idiot.

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