Fashion Cents: Skinny Jeans

So, in the winter, I wore my skinny jeans with my Keen boots and a long bathrobe-y sweater.  It covered my hips and made the skinny jeans work.  However, in the spring, I had no idea how to wear the skinny jeans.  Which is unfortunate, because I can’t wear normal pants bike riding since they get stuck in the chain.

So last week, I set out to do a bit of retail therapy and find long tank tops or shirts for cheap that I could pair with my skinny jeans and feel comfortable.  I finally had some luck at Forever 21, where I found 2 ribbed tanks, one for $3.50 and one for $4.50.  Yeah, I know when I can buy a shirt for that little, something is wrong with the manufacturing, clothing quality, or quality of life of the workers.  Nonetheless, I plan to concern myself more with that kind of thing once I have a job and can afford to spend $20 on a shirt again.

I paired the tank with my flowy sweater and my skinny jeans and rode my bike off to whole foods.

The only thing I’m not sure about in this outfit is my wedding Tevas.  I actually thought they looked pretty cute, because they look like casual wedges; but my friend Hana says “no.”  Obviously, it would be way cuter paired with mary janes or a pair of adorable skimmer sneakers, but I don’t own any of those and I needed something that would stay on my feet on my bike.  So wedding Tevas it was.

I feel like the outfit works, but I’m open to suggestions.  I recently bought a wide black belt that I have no idea how to wear.  I keep tying it around baggy sweaters and then being sad when it doesn’t look right.  I think it may actually have to settle for holding up my pants, instead of being high fashion.  Any suggestions?



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2 responses to “Fashion Cents: Skinny Jeans

  1. Jo

    I’m a fashion wimp, so I can offer no advice other than to say that you’re cute.

  2. I wear tevas and skinny jeans all the time. I think it’s cute, and it makes you look fashionable and active at the same time :]

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