Mud race attire and etiquette

For the mud race, I wore:

Under Armour shirt made from recycled plastics – I think this was key, because the mud came right out.  I haven’t had that happen with other performance-wear, even regular under armour, and it handled the mud well.

– Compression shorts

– Old sneakers

– Wright Socks running socks

– Two ponytail holders and a headband, plus another two around my wrist.  I tend to lose them.

For my next race I will wear everything the same, except the socks.  I will wear socks I’m not attached to and just toss them at the end.  I wore my wright socks because I was afraid that in my old shoes, my feet would blister.  It turns out, your feet are so muddy and you’re not exactly going fast, so you don’t really blister.  Plus it’s not that far, since it’s only a 5k.  For the Tough Mudder, which is a 10-ish-miler that my sister in law is doing, it might be worth it to wear good socks, but I can’t imagine.

The compression shorts were key.  Other girls were complaining about getting “diaper rash” and chafing and having dirt…everywhere you wouldn’t want it.  Our recycled-plastic Under Armour held up great (until I washed mine with one of the safety pins from my bib still attached.

Some of our friends wore costumes, but honestly, costumes would have taken more thought than we put into it, and they also require a certain amount of expenditure.  We did talk to a group of girls in tutus at the end who looked both cute and ready to race, so I might consider something like that if I was racing with a group of girls, but I’m sure that by the end those tutus were either in a mud pit, or plastered to their bodies.

I would recommend no less than two towels per person, plus baby-wipes and a big cooler or gallon jug of water.  They hose you down at the end, but you really don’t get clean.  You will need one towel to wipe down, and one towel to sit on in the car.  Use the bag check to check flip flops, towels, baby-wipes, and a phone/camera.  Check flip flops, because you’re going to end up throwing away your shoes (they had a giant pile, and they donate the shoes that they can).  We checked a change of clothes but ended up changing back at the car anyway.

The biggest rule I can give you for surviving the race course is don’t be a jerk.  Don’t elbow people out of the way.  Help people if they fall.  Make friends with the other people in your heat, because it’ll come in handy to be nice to them.  Don’t splash in a big pile of water to get somebody else muddy.  Say excuse me.  If you are going to walk, get to the side so people can run past you.  Don’t hang out by the mud pit and catcall people.  Don’t get wasted and then run the race.  Don’t push people on the course.  It’s rude and dangerous.



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2 responses to “Mud race attire and etiquette

  1. Good tips!

    I think Under Armour across the board worked well. It took 3 washes in cold water, but we managed to get the mud out of all our clothes – including M’s shorts with a white stripe down the side. They are – shockingly – still white.

    One thing that worked really well for us was bringing a washcloth. Pairing that with the gallon of water for cleanup was critical. It pulled so much mud off!

    • vadoporroesq

      Yeah, I wish we had thought to do that. Sadly, we don’t really own washcloths and none of them were clean. Plus it just didn’t occur to us. I had great luck with a loofah in the shower (that then got thrown away) getting everything off, so I might try that next time as well.

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