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As you may know if you follow me on Twitter, last week, my boss realized I was “dangerously close” to the end of my funding.  As in, over it.  So, yeah, that happened fast.  Yes, we should have kept a better eye on it, but nonetheless, it is what it is.  And more importantly, I knew it was coming so I shouldn’t be as surprised and bummed out about it as I am.  It turns out that suddenly becoming unemployed again is actually worse than being unemployed the first time, because when you tell people, they say things like:

“Isn’t there more funding?”  Hmmm, let me just check the office couch cushions.

“Well, at least you got really great experience.”  Yes, yes I did.  In the three months that I worked at this office.  Which still doesn’t amount to much on a resume, unfortunately.

“Do you think maybe you’ll look for jobs in [nearby city]?”  Considering the last time around, I applied to about a million jobs in [nearby city], yes, I’ll be looking for jobs here, there, and everywhere.

“Think about all the stuff you’ll get done!”  Listen, again, people, I’ve played this game before.  Unemployment is not productive.  I get more done when I work a full day and come home and do things in the evenings than when I take a full day off.  Which is why I’m still volunteering.

Really the only acceptable responses to this situation are, “dude, that totally sucks” (or variation); or “would you like some wine?”  Or perhaps, “now at least you don’t have to wear suits everyday!”  [Which may or may not be my reaction.]



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8 responses to “Square 1

  1. That blows! Now your funemployment tweet makes sense!

    And I’m totally with you on the “acceptable responses”. Sometimes you don’t need someone to give you a solution, sometimes things just suck and it’s ok to acknowledge it. Someone please explain this to my husband.

  2. Agreed on the only acceptable responses to unemployment! Anything else just annoyed me. And I was amazed at how unproductive I was when I was unemployed. I really thought I’d get more done and I just didn’t. Anyway, as I said on twitter, totally sucks and here’s hoping the job market in your area has improved a bit? Seattle’s is still tough, but getting better I think.

    • vadoporroesq

      The job market is worse, but I am better. I finally actually started writing cover letters and am pleased that the experience I have gotten makes me a good fit for a wide range of positions, whereas before I was very focused on family law and it was hard to believe I could do housing law (from an employer’s perspective.)

  3. Sending hugs and wine.

    Is saying that, now maybe you can come to Boston in June when I’m there, an acceptable thing to say?

    • vadoporroesq

      Yes! Although now I have a job interview for Friday…but otherwise, I’ll probably still be unemployed.

      • As much as I want you to come, I’m going to be sending so many good thoughts for your interview Friday! Yayayayayay! We need to get you employed!

  4. I am so sorry. It’s so tough out there. I feel like there are so few people that really know what it’s like to be a young female lawyer trying to make it. It’s not as easy as we all thought! But you will find a wonderful job — you will!!!

    Sending you hugs. Poor a big glass of wine, and then poor another one.

  5. Having now been officially rejected for all of the jobs I applied for this year, I feel you on both the suckiness of the rejections and the annoying things people say during a difficult job hunt (and I’ll stop saying the thing about experience now! :-).

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