Go Further: May Challenge

So this week, I met my goal – I biked to yoga on Saturday, to the Farmer’s Market on Sunday, to work on Monday, and then this morning I got myself out of bed at 6am to go to Spin class.

Biking to yoga was okay, except there is a GIGANTIC hill between me and the park where they were holding the free outdoor yoga class.  Oh, and I got lost and was late.  Then coming home, I got lost again and rode home on the sidewalks.  Fail.  Also, the park where they were holding the yoga class is through a relatively sketchy area.  Not super-sketch, but I felt uncomfortable sitting on my bike at intersections and had several day laborers yell things at me.  I couldn’t understand what they were saying, so I choose to believe they said something like, “way to save the environment, pretty lady!”

Biking to the farmer’s market is pretty much second nature to us now, but we did have to go to the library after, which means going up a substantial hill and then coming down an enormous one, on a road that isn’t heavily trafficked most of the time and is pretty much empty on Sunday mornings, which is about as much fun as you can have biking in the city.

Biking to work was a disaster.  There is a road race coming to my city which involves a lot of construction and a ton of closed streets, and I got yelled at by a traffic cop for riding through the cones (mind you, there was no heavy machinery of any kind), and told to walk my bike across the street.  I was told that I was the “same as a motorist”, which is a rule that I normally follow (minus the riding on the sidewalk thing, which I swear, I almost never do), but is a rule that most motorists don’t follow, particularly not the bus that almost ran me over.  It was really nice to ride my bike up to Boot Camp that night though and then ride it home, although my chain came off my gears when I was really close to my apartment, and rather than fuss with it on the road, I just walked my bike the block and a half home and fixed it there.

I’m going to have a little more free time on my hands in the coming weeks, so that means long bike rides out on trails.  I’m really excited about this, and hope to be in good shape for our 40-mile ride over memorial day weekend.

Everyone, check in!  How are you doing?  Also, I know I’ve gotten some questions about new people wanting to join, and you don’t have to wait until June to join in.  If you want to set a goal, just set it here and start checking in.  Part of the reason for this challenge is that there is no time for the present, that if we start small, we can build, and that you just have to form good habits to be healthy.  So join in!



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7 responses to “Go Further: May Challenge

  1. Oh, you are so brave! I get scared just riding my bike on trails, forget about on real roads. I’d love to do it one day, but I’m just too nervous to ever really do it, I think.

    I did reach my goal for this week, though, and went on my fourth run yesterday! I’m hoping to go again tomorrow morning, hopefully for a longer one. I’ve been doing a little over a mile each time, and have a 5k on June 4th, so I’d like to make this one at least 2 miles, probably with a long walking break in between.

  2. Oof. The first two weeks of May have been an epic fail for me. Lots of cardio but little yoga and I am not meeting my food goals. I am going to retrench and try to finish the month strong!

  3. Courtney

    I am really struggling. I was doing great – running on schedule, slowly increasing my mileage and felt like things were really getting easier. Then the new shoes I was fitted for started giving me problems. Of course, I didn’t realize it was the shoes until a month later. So now I am trying to work through some achilles tendonitis and shin splits – which, in all my years of running and marathon training, I have never had!

    Just got new shoes, but trying to work through the injuries. How do you get rid of shin splints??? Any tips??? I’ve tried taking some time off (a week and a half) to let things chill out and as soon as I run again, they are back with a vengeance! We have Warrior Dash next weekend and I’m seriously worried about running. 😦

  4. This week was pretty successful for me. I did a Zumba class on Friday, a hard core strength workout Saturday, ran on the elliptical on Tuesday, and took cardio kickboxing on Wednesday. Not the highest intensity I’ve done, but I’m glad I got those four workouts in, even though my mom is in town.

  5. Oh man. Hit a big ol’ wall, massive fail this week. I’ve determined that boot camp is really just not for me. However, I have one week/4 sessions left to go, and God willing I will attend them all! And then I’ll start doing a lot of cardio, which seems to be more effective for me. That and eating better — I have big plans to “go further” in the kitchen the week after next once all my regular rehearsals end for the summer.

  6. Jo

    Failed. I came home from my vacation, which was kickass, and had work and all sorts of stuff to do. NO TIME.

  7. Cool – I was going to wait until June, but I’ll jump in now. Am doing the 100 push-ups, 200 sit-ups, and 200 squats challenges (this’ll be week 2). Can do about 5 push-ups now… 100 sounds pretty crazy right now. 😉
    Other goals:
    – trying to do cardio 5x/wk for 30 min. or 3 miles.
    – making myself drink at least 64 oz. of water.
    – drinking 2 cups of green tea instead of coffee or black tea.
    – trying to eat 3+ servings of fruit and *at least* 1 vegetable/day (not counting veggies-that-are-actually-fruits, potatoes, beans, corn, or onions).
    – trying not to eat (healthy-ish) dessert more than 3x/wk. This is hard, hard, hard for me! I have a wicked sweet tooth.

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