On Responsibility

Last week, we had our APW spinoff writer’s group meeting and we were talking about having kids, and one of the women asked, “do any of you feel like a grownup?”  At which point, I announced that I had taken out the trash that morning and felt very grownup.  Then on Friday, I forgot to take out our recycling.  At which point I had to turn my “Adult” membership card back in.

Husband has been traveling lately, and was out of town all last week.  Which left me as the sole grownup in charge of our apartment.  So for a week, I didn’t do the dishes and I didn’t feed the fish.  I’m not a tidy person, and I’m also not terribly organized.  I’m working hard on that, because the best advice I’ve ever gotten is to be organized, because nothing is as stressful when your life is in order.

When he came home, I said, very accomplished, “I didn’t burn the house down and I’m still in one piece.”  He just looked at me with a raised eyebrow and said, “We’re setting the bar high, aren’t we.”

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