Fashion Cents: Breaking in

Back in March, a number of you gave me the shoe recommendation of Ecco brand shoes.  My in-laws happen to live near an Ecco outlet and I scored an adorable pair that used to be on sale down the street from us for $110 for $29.  I tried them on in the store and was bummed to find I was exactly between two sizes, so I asked the girl at the counter if they needed breaking in.  She offered to stretch them for me, as a starter.  I wore them once and they gave me blisters, so I think I didn’t have her stretch them enough.

After the first wearing, I usually give the shoes one more chance, but I also usually buy cheap shoes.  The Ecco ones, I knew, were made of decent quality leather, and would in fact stretch if I tried it.  So I started wearing them every day on my treadmill, while wearing socks.  This helped me break them in in about a week, rather than however much longer it would have taken with me wearing them around the house.  I am finally able to wear them for the 1.6 mile walk to work and around the office without any blisters or foot pain, and I love them.  If they’re on sale at the outlet again the next time we go, I definitely want to pick up at least one or two more pairs in different colors, because they are great for both work and events and going out.

Anyone have other tips for breaking in shoes?


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  1. This doesn’t work for nice shoes, but I’ve speed-broken-in some cleats by soaking them in a tub, and then wearing them around for a while/to bed. It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it does cut down on the blisters.

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