Go Further: May Challenge

So far, this month is going okay.  Three short bike rides and one spin class this week means I’ve met this goal.  I’ve also had a vegetable every day, thanks to lots of asparagus from the Farmer’s market that is delicious and easy to roast with a little bit of lemon juice.

I biked to work on Wednesday and it went relatively well – I borrowed my husband’s ankle straps for my dress pants, and wore my Ecco ballet flats.  The ankle straps worked pretty well, and his are the kind that are really easy to take off, so I pulled them off when I got to the courthouse.  My Ecco ballet flats, I thought, would work as well as my crocs ballet flats.  Unfortunately, I wore knee-high stockings, which makes the shoes less grippy, so they fell off at almost every traffic light.  I’m definitely getting a pair of Keens this summer, which I’ll bike in, but until then, I’ll be wearing sneakers.

My husband has been out of town all week, and for some reason, this trip has been harder than the last seven.  Also, my work has been difficult this week.  And I’ve been on a detox kick where I eat pretty much nothing but plants and greek yogurt.  Which is all well and good, but it’s hard.  I’ve also overslept and slacked on exercising a lot this week – mostly just walking on the treadmill or outside.

How’s everybody else doing? Check in!



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2 responses to “Go Further: May Challenge

  1. Going out tonight will put me at four runs, and hopefully I’ll get one in tomorrow, also! Glad to hear the biking has been working out for you so far!

  2. So I made no goal for this month. I don’t know what to set as my goal. Maybe I’ll be goalless this month and see what happens.

    I got three workouts in. I was gone all weekend for my shower and then on Tuesday had a dinner out with a faculty candidate.

    But I did kick ass at the workouts I did — Zumba Monday, cardio (elliptical) and strength Wednesday, just strength on Thursday. I’m moving to higher weights periodically — it’s going very well.

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