Weekend Plans

At Writing Group tonight, it came to my attention that there are married couples out there who have not seen the Weekend Plans video.  Go. Watch.  http://youtu.be/IegSRQwS8ZQ  Then come back and discuss how couples can make friends with other couples.

Without being mad weird or creepy.



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4 responses to “Weekend Plans

  1. Margaret

    Oh, man, that video was funny… and true. It does feel awkward to try to form “couple” friendships. I have one married friend who keeps insisting that we should hang out together as a er, foursome. I’m reluctant, though, because while she and I get along great, I feel bad foisting a friendship on B, when I know nothing about the guy except that he’s married to my friend. 😛
    We do hang out w/couple who’s dating but fairly serious; they’re gay… not sure if that made it easier for some reason? Less weird ’70s swingers vibes, LOL?

  2. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen all week!

  3. Jo

    That’s hilarious because of how true it is–not yet for us, but for so many people who talk to us! Our schedule is bizarre because right now our weekends are busier than our weeks. (as I type this comment from work…)

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