Go Further: April Challenge

How did everybody do this week?  I managed to work out every day again. I did some treadmill walking, and went to boot camp class, and most importantly – I went bike riding!  I got my road bike out, after a long winter, and met my friend up at the rails-to-trails trail that is north of our city.  We did 14 miles and it took us almost exactly an hour, which is really good.  We definitely kept an active pace, since we are trying to do a ride that requires participants to keep a 15-20 mph pace.  Also, I don’t want to be too far behind Husband on our cycling trip to Wales.  I was really pleased that I was in good enough shape to do such a vigorous ride, and also I wasn’t so tired at the end that I couldn’t have done at least another 5-10 miles.  (I was very surprised by this actually, since I haven’t been spinning lately.)  This makes me very hopeful for the Taff Trail.  I’ve looked into a few training plans, and basically I need to be doing weekly rides (probably in the form of spin class usually), and then we need to be doing a long weekend ride, starting with something like 25 miles.  We’ve already planned a memorial day weekend ride of 40+ miles, so if we do 20-25 this weekend; then 25-30; then 35, that should put us in good shape.

At Boot Camp class this week, I ran into a girl I know from law school, and as I was huffing and puffing after the first circuit, she was like, “aren’t you in really good shape? Don’t you like, do triathlons?”  I wanted to say, “yeah, but that doesn’t mean I can flip a tire!” but was too busy wheezing.  Anyway, boot camp class was crowded this week, which gave me plenty of opportunity to compare myself to others and decide where I fall on the spectrum of being a badass.  I’m not quite as badass as the people who can do full pushups, but I’m definitely above the people who can’t do jumping lunges.  Although if there is one thing I hate, it’s jumping lunges.

How are you all doing?  Check in!



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3 responses to “Go Further: April Challenge

  1. Jo

    You are such a badass.

    I did the Week 2, Day 1 of Couch to 10K, and then was almost immobilized with hip pain. I’ve concluded I need to rest until I can walk again, and then I’m going to do trails or a track. No more pavement running for me.

    I’ve also concluded I really miss the gym. I miss how badass weights make me feel, I miss the community and competition of classes. I need the push. So I’m joining the Y this fall.

  2. I am seriously impressed!

    I did pretty well with my goal to do yoga every day, but I did miss a couple days while traveling. I am going to set the same goal for May with the added goal of 3 days of running per week, I think.

  3. Late on my check in. So on Friday, I hit the gym hard (after my 3 workout week). I killed it on lunges and squats. So much so that I literally couldn’t walk the next day. I’m not kidding. I don’t know how I overdid it so badly, but I basically stayed on the couch all day on Saturday and Sunday because the legs were in such intense pain.

    On Monday I made it to Zumba, Tuesday I did strength training (less lunges and squats but I still did them because obviously I’ve been neglecting them lately), and Thursday I took a run on the elliptical. I threw in some weights for my arms at the end too.

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