England! And Wales!

We’re going to England this summer.  I’m insanely excited for this trip.  Our honeymoon was great, but I really held off on planning anything and I think a bit of planning might have helped us.  So the England trip is getting planned.  I spent a bit of time getting excited over the weekend, and think we have a pretty good trip planned. 

We have Husband’s sister’s wedding reception/party in Leeds four days after we fly into Heathrow (Wednesday).  We don’t plan to spend any time in London (expensive, loud, crowded), and instead will hopefully just get right on the 201 and take the 3hr trip to Cardiff, Wales.  We will spend the first day exploring Cardiff (suggestions welcome) and stay overnight in a hotel or hostel. 

The next morning, we will head over to the Cycle Hire shop and rent ourselves some bikes. Then we will get on the Taff Trail, which is a 55-mile trail to the Brecon Beacons National Park.  (Yes.  We’ll need to train.)  We will stay overnight somewhere in the park (UK parks are huge and include towns and hamlets, unlike US parks which, if you’re lucky, have campgrounds) and then spend Friday “walking” (British for hiking) or doing something else grand.  Depending on what we do Friday, we will either leave Friday afternoon and cycle back part of the way to Cardiff, staying in a town along the Trail, and then cycle the remaining portion in the morning, or we will cycle the entire Trail on Saturday and then catch a bus to Leeds in the evening and spend a very smelly four hours on the bus.  We could also stay another night in Cardiff and get on a bus early Sunday morning, spending Sunday and Monday with family before catching a train back to London to leave on Tuesday, but it seems like we’d have a much better chance of seeing people and not being stressed if we come in Saturday night. 

Did I already mention how excited I am?  Even if the cycling thing doesn’t plan out, there are plenty of buses up to the Beacons, and plenty of cool things to do in Cardiff, that I’m unconcerned about our biking plan falling through. 

Has anyone ever been to Wales? Suggestions for places to stay, etc. would be appreciated.



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3 responses to “England! And Wales!

  1. Jo

    Yellowstone has hotels and campgrounds and loads of stuff. Glacier also has hotels. Not as fancy as English parks!

    Oh, sounds LOVELY!!!

  2. Sounds absolutely amazing.

  3. Sorry I’m late to the party! I spent a day or two in Cardiff several years ago but stayed in a pretty standard hostel and did pretty standard tourist stuff, so I don’t really have any recommendations there. But if the bike trip doesn’t end up working out, I’d highly recommend taking a trip through Chepstow to see the castle and nearby Tintern Abbey. Both are really cool ruins that are fun to explore, and if you’re into photography at all, there’s some cool shots to be had there. Have fun!

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