Go Further: April Check In and Race Report

I ran a ten-miler on Sunday, and it was pretty awesome.  The course was a scenic parkway by the river, and the temperatures were in the low fifties.  I finished in 1:36, meeting my March GoFurther goal.  The course was a little hilly, but not bad, so I feel like I should have been able to pick up the pace more, but I was huffing and puffing the whole way, trying to push myself.  That kind of pushing can be both a good thing and a bad thing (as my VERY sore legs remind me.) 

I felt mildly uncomfortable for the whole race, which isn’t at all how I’ve felt on our long runs.  But I think if I had been running at a pace I find comfortable, I would have been running closer to 11 minute miles, at least 10:30s.  So the time I wanted required me to push it a bit.  Although I am a little disappointed that I didn’t come in faster (my friend Sara who I train with came in at 1:31 and felt great), I’m happy with this race and am hoping to keep up this level of training so that we are in good shape fol the annual running festival in our town this fall (and maybe we can finally meet our sub 2hr half marathon goal…)

Anyway, as you can imagine, feeling completely sore and wiped out doesn’t exactly lend itself to meeting my April goal of exercising every day.  However, I’ve been able to do it!  On Monday, I walked for twenty minutes on my new treadmill, and then went to a difficult vinyasa yoga class on Monday night.  I think that was the #1 thing that I did that helped me recover.  Tuesday and Wednesday I also did treadmill workouts (it’s so convenient to get up in the morning and just walk into the office and get started.  I’m done with my workout in the time it used to take me to get to the gym.)  Yesterday, I started my Living Social deal at the local aqautic center, which is pretty cool, and also went for a run and to a free yoga class at my local studio. 

I found a triathlon I want to do in the summer, and there is one I want to do in October, the second of which will require some intense swimming practice.  The first one is a 300yd swim, which it turns out that I can do even if I have taken six months off swimming.  The second is .9 miles, which is uh, 32 laps (ish).  That’s gonna take a lot more work, but that tri isn’t until October. 

So how is everybody else doing?  I know Bunny is kicking a$$, and the rest of you are working hard, so check in!



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11 responses to “Go Further: April Check In and Race Report

  1. This week I hit my goal of 3 workouts a week (if, of course, we count 2.5 hours of dancing at a post-Sine Die party!). I registered for a 5K in June and a friend and I have started training using a slightly modified version of Couch to 5K. Hoping to run this one in its entirety. Haven’t lost any weight yet, but that’s not my primary goal really.

  2. I’m doing well. Kicked butt this week! Trying to stay on track!

  3. I don’t know if I would say I’m kicking a$$. I did Zumba on Friday, ran + strength training on Saturday (I’m so proud of myself with these weekend workouts), Monday I took it easy on the elliptical, and then Wednesday I ran even more + strength training. Um can someone tell me when I started running or why? I have the worst shin splints now.

    My arms and abs were super achy from the strength training on Saturday and Wednesday. I meant to go to yoga last night after my workout, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do an hour-long class. I would have done something else at the gym instead, but unfortunately I didn’t bring socks because I thought I’d be barefoot at yoga. So I could have gotten in 5 workouts, but I slacked and went home. So I did four, which is fine, as it’s my goal.

    • vadoporroesq

      One of the most important things for injury prevention in running is your stride. You want to be landing on the midfoot, and picking your feet up directly behind you. There is a great book called ChiRunning that helped me a lot with my stride – you should see if your library has it.

      I used to get shin splints and the only thing that really helped them was getting new orthotics, but you can also look into getting better, true running shoes, if you don’t already have them. Go to a local running store to get fitted, but it will cost you $100+, so if you don’t like running, back to the elliptical with you.

      You can also do a shin-muscle-strengthening exercise recommended to me (I don’t really do it, so I don’t know how well it works.) Stand on one foot and raise and lower yourself up onto your tiptoes. It’s better if you can do it on a pillow so you have to work to stabilize yourself.

  4. I missed my first day of yoga this week — I blame my 2-hours-delayed flight and the fact that I didn’t get dinner until 9pm as a result. But I’m going to shrug off the slip and keep going because I think daily yoga has really helped my overall physical condition.

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  6. Jo

    I’ve done better this week–frequent workouts, a bit of activity every day. Next week I’m starting training for a 5K!

  7. I finished the first week of bootcamp (4 hour-long 6 a.m. workouts), which is way more than I’ve done thus far in 2011 altogether (sadly). I’m supposed to do a fifth workout on one of my off days, so hopefully I’ll make it! 5 more weeks of bootcamp, and hopefully after that I won’t feel like dying when I try to run for a while.

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