Go Further update

I am typing this on my new treadmill, sticking with exercising everyday. I finished the 10 miler in 1:36:37, so I met my time goal, and although I’m a little disappointed, I have my 1:30 goal for next time.

The treadmill is nice, and a generous loan from a friend who didn’t have room for it anymore. We just had to move it, which we are still not sure is worth it….

So far, I use it to walk on before work, and I seem to have finally gotten the hang of waking up in the morning with enough time to exercise. The key seems to be not sleeping in on the weekends…which sucks, but I really like not feeling like I got hit by a truck in the morning.

I just wanted to say how things ar going, this isn’t a check in post, but feel free to chime in!



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6 responses to “Go Further update

  1. Perfect timing – I am feeling really proud of myself today! The last couple of times I have been running, I have been plagued by a painful stitch in my right side. It’s been so frustrating because I’m not out of breath, my body isn’t tired, I’ve just had this stabby pain that will. not. go. away. So I’ve had to stop and walk a lot. Which makes me feel really lame.

    Yesterday, I decided to try and focus really hard on breathing deeply and from my diaphragm, and it made all the difference! I felt like I was controlling my breathing instead of letting it control me. I managed to run 3 and a half miles at a constant pace without slowing down or walking at all, which for me was a bit of an achievement and a big boost to my training. So, yay!

    Also, you’re typing while on the treadmill? Wowser! Your motor skills are clearly way more advanced than mine. It’s all I can do to stay on the damn thing…

    • vadoporroesq

      I was walking, pretty slowly, on the treadmill while typing.

      I get side stiches a lot, but my sister gave me the advice to make sure I exhale as my opposite side foot plants on the ground – so if the stitch is on the left, exhale when stepping down with the right, and vice versa. It really helps a lot, so you should try that as well.

      • Interesting!

        I like to take real deep breaths in and out (in-2-3, out-2-3), which seem to help too. So if I am doing that, do I START the exhale on the opposite foot?

        Last week was a real spotty week for me, but I am on track this week and doing well! I knew making a strict plan would be tough, but I tend to be all in or all out. I knew as soon as I really got on board I’d be good to go. Just wish this rain would stop, so I could venture off the treadmill a little more!

      • vadoporroesq

        Yes, start the exhale on the opposite foot. I also take fairly deep breaths and long exhales.

      • Ooh, thanks for the tip. I tend to get really bad stitches when I run outside.

  2. Any recommendations for shin splints. I don’t know what’s up with me lately, but I’ve actually been running on the indoor track. I hate running, but I feel like I use so much more of my body doing that than most other options I have available. I ran a little last week, Saturday, and last night. Now I have bad shin splints.

    If I go to yoga tonight that’s going to be 5 workouts this week. I’m exhausted so I’m not totally sure if that will happen. We’ll see.

    Arms and abs are definitely sore from my workout last night. My arms are looking more sculpted than they have in a long time. This pleases me.

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