Being Green

I’m having one of those days where I keep reminding myself that I have malpractice insurance. This is probably a dangerous statement to make on the internet, so I will clarify.

This morning, I had a client come in to execute her estate plan. My boss had a family emergency, but he had done the original meeting, and after locating his notes, I drafted all of the necessary documents and then went over them with the client to make sure they were what she wanted. And as sure as I am that the documents are correctly drafted and executed, as much as I know that this is what the client wants, and as absolutely positive I am that she understood what she was signing, I didn’t do the initial consult. I worked from my supervisor’s notes. This makes me extremely nervous that I missed something, somewhere; that there is something I should have known but didn’t put in there, but in going over the documents, I asked her all of the questions I would have asked her if she had been my client originally, so I’m pretty confident. Nonetheless, it’s nagging at me and I keep reminding myself that this kind of nervousness is because I’m still new, and because I did not feel as if I was in total control of the situation. As my boss said last week, it’s not easy being green.

Anyone else have similar experiences? How do you deal with still feeling like a total newbie?


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