Go Further: April Challenge

Friday already?  Wow this week went fast.  How are you all doing?  I’m actually doing surprisingly okay on my goal of exercising every day. 

Monday and Tuesday are the hardest days of the week for me to make sure I get in a workout.  I’m not sure why that is.  So my strategy for this week has been to get in at least a quick workout in the morning, in case I can’t do one later.  So far, that has come in the form of 10-minute Abs – I’ve tried three different workout videos.  Two of them are not very good, but one is definitely hard and a good workout.  Next week I’m hoping to step it up more and get back to the gym. 

So report back, everybody!  How is April going for you?



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3 responses to “Go Further: April Challenge

  1. Jo

    Great on the eating. And on the getting little bits of exercise every now and then. I’m faaailing at getting more exercise.

    So my goal for next week: two hours of exercise. That can be four half hours, two one hours, whatnot.

  2. I have, in fact, done yoga every day in April so far! And I think it’s really helped. Yesterday I felt better on the treadmill than I have in weeks — more energy, less discomfort.

  3. I got my four workouts in. Two days of strength training, one day of yoga (my first time ever doing yoga), and one cardio. Unfortunately I didn’t have an opportunity to do any group cardio classes (they push me much further than a run on the elliptical does), but that’s ok. And yoga was actually pretty good. It was hard — I did power yoga, which I assume is a lot more strength oriented than flexibility. My shoulders are a little achy now. During the class my thighs burned. But I definitely did ok and was able to keep up much better than I thought I would.

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