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Carla is doing a giveaway of the Sony Walkman, which looks really cool, and I want to win it, so I’m posting about it over here.  I like to run with music, either outside or at the gym, and but the cord is such a pain when I’m running outside – tucking it away or having it bounce up and down and echo, sometimes my headphones falling out, etc.  So I think this would be pretty cool. 

Carla’s post asked enterers to put down their favorite songs to run to.  My favorite running playlist is actually a CD that came free with my Shape Bikini Body Boot Camp DVD.  The songs flow into each other and the beat is up really high, which I like a lot.  I think it is sold as an individual CD as well, but sadly also out of print. 

A few of my other favorite running songs come from my favorite artists, and are simply their more upbeat songs.  For example:

-Taylor Swift – Picture to Burn; Shoulda Said No; You Belong with Me

-Indigo Girls – Yield; Joking; Hammer and a Nail; Run

-Jill Sobule – Supermodel; Good Person Inside 

And then there are a few that I’ve found and kept as running songs, like Pete Yorn’s Ever Fallen in Love and REM’s Bad Day (both actually found from episodes of Scrubs).  Usually I load up a playlist that has my Shape playlist first, and then the rest of these, to make it long enough for a long run and cooldown walk. 

Any suggestions for me?  What is your favorite music to run to?



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4 responses to “Running Music

  1. My current favorite running song: “Month of May” by Arcade Fire.

    Hey, I have an idea! What if a bunch of us trying to #gofurther posted exercise playlists on our blogs? (Not the song files, just the titles.) I’m always looking for new running/cardio music.

    • vadoporroesq

      That’s a great idea! Go for it! I will post my full old running playlist if I can ever get it off my sad iPod.

  2. Jo

    The only thing I’m ever able to run to is Rob Zombie and other similarly paced music.

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