Go Further: March Challenge

Alright! How’d everybody do?  It’s the last day of March, so check in and let me know how you did.  Many of you have not been commenting on check in posts, so tell me how things went and what you learned about yourself.  I think a lot of us learned that we set way too ambitious goals.  This includes me. 

My goal was to run 10 miles in under 1:40.  The furthest I made it was a little over 9 miles.  I had to cut my 10 mile run over the weekend short because the weather was so cold at my in-law’s, and I hadn’t brought proper warm clothing for a long run.  I got really cold about 4 miles in and could not warm back up, so I skipped the second lap of the lake and kept the run around 6 miles.  I tried to go for a 10-mile run on Monday after work (thank goodness for daylight savings time), but I only made it 8.  My pace was pretty good for that, although not quite where I wanted it to be.  I was running alone, with just my iPod, for both of these runs, and I think that was a big part of my problem. 

I feel really disappointed that I wasn’t able to make 10 miles happen for me, because I know I could have done it.  However, I feel really good with how much more on-track I am, and, what is really cool is that according to Daily Mile, I’ve run 58 miles in March.  That doesn’t include the 8 miles I logged as walking to work (I don’t always remember to log my commute.)  Wanna know how many miles I ran in February?  20.  I nearly tripled that in March, thanks mostly to this challenge (and that 10-miler I have to run), and you guys as motivators.  So for those who have asked: hell yeah, we are doing it again in April, so come back tomorrow and set a new (attainable!) goal for yourself! 

Share: how did you do on your goal, and if you didn’t meet it, did you still manage to #gofurther than you would have otherwise?



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6 responses to “Go Further: March Challenge

  1. Hmmm. To be honest, things went pretty badly (hence the not checking in). I learned that my approach to exercise is no different to how I approach many things in life: last-minute. I really need to feel up against a deadline before I kick into high gear and get things done. With 8 weeks still to go until my 10k, I have found it hard to get motivated. But I did do a little bit: I went for a couple of runs, one of which was a 5k (which means I have pretty much picked up from where I left off last year, so that’s a start). I went to some body balance classes and did some swimming. I also had a ridiculous day of skiing in the wild highlands of Scotland, which left me aching from head to toe for a week, which I blame entirely for disrupting my exercise schedule – no way I could have gone to the gym after that! All in all, I give myself a 4 out of 10 Must try harder.

    I think April is going to be my month…

  2. March was a very bad month in terms of meeting my fitness/health goals. I think I averaged about one trip to the gym per week… maybe two. I blame work busyness and stress for derailing me. Now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (9 more days!) I have felt myself mentally re-commit this past day or so.

  3. I also fell short of my goal. It turns out that when I set a running goal I also need to set a yoga goal, because last week my right hip completely seized up on me. (Saying that makes me feel SO old!) I know it’s because I’ve been lazy about yoga.

  4. So my long term goal is to get down to 125 lbs, but my March goal was to work out four times per week, ideally half cardio and half strength. I looked back on the month and the first week I did 4, second 3, third 4, fourth 3, and now this week…are you ready…5! (wait how did March have five weeks? oh well)

    On Friday I did my normal Zumba and so girl said I was really good. Hello ego boost. On Saturday I forced myself to the gym, yay!, and ran on the elliptical. Ended it with some core exercises. Then I worked out Monday evening, which is again very unusual for me since I normally work late. I intended to go in for a light workout, but I ended up doing a really tough strength workout. Arms, legs, it all hurt afterwards. On Tuesday I did a lighter strength workout. And lastly on Thursday I took a step class, which was horrible due to an ineffective teacher. But at least I moved somewhat even if it wasn’t as good as it could have been.

    Overall I’m pretty happy with the working out I did. Yes there were two weeks I only did 3 work outs, but I had more 4 or more workout weeks than 3 workout weeks. I weighed myself on Thursday night and was down to 129. Maybe this means I’ve broken my plateau? Hopefully.

    • vadoporroesq

      Woo! That’s AWESOME. I’m glad you made it to the gym on Saturday – it’s all about getting into a habit of working out on the weekends. (That’s part of why I picked the “exercise every day” challenge. Although my slump is Tuesdays.) Look at you go!

  5. Jo

    I have overall done really well with it. I began calorie counting and getting in small bits of exercise throughout my day which is good.

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