When I first started this blog, my purpose was to have my “married” blog talk about the reality of being married, but also about my life after marriage.  I didn’t want to get sucked into a “we” and talk about throw pillows all the time.  I get really sad when smart, funny women bloggers go forth into their next endeavor and feel like they have to write about their married life together.  I started writing a wedding blog to write about the challenges I faced when planning a wedding, and I started this blog to write about the challenges of being an unemployed, twenty-something lawyer working to navigate the world of job hunting, employment, and professionalism. 

Nonetheless, I’m four weeks in at work, loving it, even though it’s really hard, and my husband’s sister just bought a house.  As we walked around it last weekend, I found myself getting increasingly jealous of their home improvement.  I’m not jealous that they have to completely redo their bedroom and bathroom, repaint all of the rooms, and put down hardwood floors, but I am jealous that they get to do those things, and also they’re really happy about it.  I also saw Bunny’s goreous and well organized closet and got majorly envious of her organization.  When we moved in, my husband promised me a proper shoe rack, but I’ve been putting it off.  Finally, I decided I must have one, because I am now in a position to be using my closet daily and need to keep my shoes organized. 

Then I thought, well, if I put in a shoe rack, maybe I could also finally live my dream of painting our apartment just a little bit.  I would really like, for example, to paint my closet a bright, sunny color.  Maybe a yellow or a blue, but I’m open to ideas and suggestions.   


I’m also obsessed with doing some kind of temporary backsplash or other improvements in our kitchen.  Or at least painting the backsplash.  Maybe the same color as the closet.  Our kitchen is extremely dark and the cabinets have these really ornate old fashioned handles, which I would like to replace as well.  I’m thinking something modern, perhaps in an aged copper-type finish.  Our cabinets are really dark (and I don’t want to paint them), so a bright chrome would be too much contrast.  We also desperately need a new kitchen rug, as husband decided to use ours as a potholder and melted it.  Also it’s too small for our kitchen and very old.  I think it’s actually a bathmat. 

Anyone have suggestions as to what projects are good to undertake, or where to start?  The aim is to just generally have a place that I’m happy to come home to.  (Not that I’m not happy now, but I feel that a few small changes would make a big difference.  We’re pretty sure we’ll be staying another year (at least), as long as our rent doesn’t increase, so I’m looking to actively nest this summer.   (I also want a new couch for the living room.) 



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2 responses to “Nesting

  1. Do it. Making a place your home and inviting to return to every day is seriously one of the bright spots in my life right now. Start little, work up to the big things. At least that’s the way I function. Textiles are a great place to start. Personally for me, painting is a major pain in the ass so I avoid it now. But I didn’t used to.

    (And I really have to stress that that closet organization is much more Mr. Beagle’s doing than mine.)

  2. Jo

    This is firing me up. I have a house, we just got one. And I’m utterly overwhelmed with grad school and homework and planning a wedding, and the house is sliding by. Which I hate. I want to nest so badly, but it’s taking a back burner right now.

    I’ve found, living in a jillion different apartments over the years, that it is so very important to make those places yours, to put your touches, to hang up some art.

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