Go Further: March Challenge

Okay! Last check in Friday – how is everybody doing? 

This week was really tough for me.  Last Friday’s 9-mile run was great – we felt really good, the weather was perfect, and my knee didn’t even bother me.  (I borrowed my husband’s knee brace, which is a little big, but worked.  I have since found my own.)  We kept a pretty good 10-minute-mile pace, from what we can tell (watch wearing fail…).  Then we went to lunch and went home.  I expected to feel both hungry and sore, but was neither.  I felt great the next day and we went for a nice bike ride in the fabulous spring weather. 

I played hockey on Sunday and did Yoga on Monday, which didn’t go very well.  I wound up feeling sick and disoriented.  Tuesday, I woke up still sick, so I skipped my Tuesday run.  It was my husband’s birthday and I was throwing him a surprise dinner (and worked late), so I didn’t go when I got home from work.  This all led to me feeling like quite the slacker on Wednesday morning when I woke up and didn’t go running, so we went rock climbing at my husband’s gym on Wednesday night and I hit the elliptical there for 30 minutes.  Yesterday, I finally got my act together and put in 3 miles (in 29 minutes!) on my usual route, which would have been fine except for the freezing rain pelting my face. 

Tomorrow I go for my 10-mile run.  I’m not sure how it will go.  We’re going to my in-law’s for the weekend, and there is a trail there that I love running on, so I’m excited, but I’ve never done two laps of it (it’s a 5-mile loop), plus I’m running it alone, which I am nervous about, since normally I have a friend.  I’m gonna try to put together a sweet new running playlist sometime today, but I might not have time. 

How’s everybody else doing?


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4 responses to “Go Further: March Challenge

  1. Jo

    Yay you! Good luck tomorrow!
    I failed on cardio, but I’ve been keeping a food log and rocking at the healthy eating.
    I’ve also been feeling self-conscious about my arm strength, so I’ve been doing five pushups (from the knees, I’m a wimp!) every time I get up to pee (which is often because I drink a lot). And I deliberately leave items upstairs so I have to take the stairs more than once or twice a day.
    I’m not making big steps but I’m making loads of little ones.

    Wanna do this next month too? It’s been really nice for me!

  2. Didn’t reach my goal this week: only got 3 workouts in. Seriously, I need some serious help convincing myself to workout on the weekend. Can anyone help me with that?

    But I saw some overall improvements. Last Friday at Zumba I noticed how I was able to keep dancing hard through most of the workout, instead of slacking towards the end. Yay stamina! And I was able to focus more on my form than worry about the movement because I’ve got almost all of the down.

    I also did some serious strength training on Tuesday, and while I could feel the ache later that night, the next day my muscles were only a little sore, instead of debilitatingly sore.

    And then I did cardio kickboxing on Wednesday. The first time I did it was last week and was majorly sore the next day. This week, not really! So my muscles are definitely recovering from the workouts faster. This is a good sign.

    However last night I did go out to dinner and drink two tall beers and eat spinach/artichoke dip and beer battering seafood. Not so healthy. Oh well. It was fun.

    • vadoporroesq

      Great work! For weekends, I have two recommendations – either sign up for a morning class (by morning, I mean 10am) – either a yoga class, a dance class, or even water aerobics – most places do spring signups right around now. I like to make my Saturday workouts my least-taxing – and if all else fails, a nice walk with the fella is a good plan. His parents have this thing about going for 45 minute walks on Saturdays, which is also a good way to get in a workout that is fun.

      The other thing that works for me is joining a league that plays on Sunday. There are plenty of these out there, it’s just finding a sport that works for you and welcomes beginners. One of my friends plays broomball, I play hockey, I know people that do softball, etc. Now that spring is here (and it will come to you soon, maybe!) weekend workout options are aplenty. Maybe check out fencing? http://www.fargoparks.com/aprog_all.html (I remember you having dance experience. Dancers make great fencers…)

      Anyway, the way to get yourself to work out on the weekends is to commit to something (and pay for it in advance) – that way, you’ll go, so you get your money’s worth, and because people are counting on you.

  3. I think I want in on this next month. I need the motivation!

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