Fashion Cents: Stockings & Walk-to-Work Shoes

Yesterday morning, I realized it was supposed to rain.  My awesome rain boots gave me blisters and proved super hot on Monday when I wore them and the skies suddenly cleared, so I opted instead to wear a skirt with flip-flops, and change into my work shoes that I keep under my desk.  I will never do this again.  Why not?

1.) I looked MEGA unproffessional while I was standing downstairs waiting the 10 minutes for the (really old, slow) elevator.  I felt extremely self conscious during that time.  Don’t wear flip-flops in a court house.  If you need to wear walk-to-work shoes, get a pair of ballet flats.  My usual go-to is my crocs ballet flats, and I should have worn those today. 

2.) I didn’t wear stockings at all all day.  Most of my pairs had runs, I didn’t want to put them on at work, etc.  Big mistake.  I felt super-self concious about this all day.  Until today, I could have sworn that only half of the women in the courthouse wear stockings.  Today, every woman I saw had on stockings or tights.  It’s possible there are women who don’t wear stockings to court and feel fine about it, but it turns out I need stockings to feel comfortable.

3.) I was cold.  It turns out that stockings actually keep you quite warm. 

So pants or stockings it is.  Do you wear stockings?  What do you do?



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3 responses to “Fashion Cents: Stockings & Walk-to-Work Shoes

  1. I think ballet flats are a god send. Seriously they are great.

  2. Courtney

    On the arch support concept – I’ve wondered lately, can you just get some sort of high-arch insert and pop those into flats? Hmmmm…

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