Spring is here!

My office is really hot, it turns out.  I have blinds and I finally managed to climb up on my desk and close them, and that helped a lot, but it’s springtime (finally) and my office is hot.  I don’t wear my jacket in my office (and keep meaning to bring in some command hooks so I can hang it on my wall), I have stolen the conference room fan (although it is so powerful it blows all my papers everywhere), and I’m dealing.  I think the AC probably gets turned on in mid-May, and then I will be a little ice cube in my office, but nonetheless. 

So I’m considering my options for remaining professional while avoiding sweating.  I have several short-sleeved button downs and silk knit tops I can wear under jackets.  I also have one adorable short-sleeved jacket, with a fifties style round collar, but I’m still not totally sure how to wear it.  (I even have matching capri pants to wear with it. It’s seriously cute.)  I did a little googling and found this article on summer office dress codes.  It wasn’t terribly helpful, but included a few gems:

“To avoid the distractions and embarrassment that occur when employees wear attire that is too revealing or sends the message that their comfort is more important than their clients’ business, many companies put out comprehensive summer dress codes.”  I do think that it is important to not dress as if my comfort is more important than either my client’s business, or my office’s respect.  We work in the courthouse, with judges, clerks, and state’s attorneys.  I see them in the elevator.  I do not want to be “the slutty girl who works on the sixth floor”.  I want to be, “that lawyer who works up on the sixth floor.”  I do not want my dressing style to reflect poorly on my office. 

As we have established, television is no marker for how to dress as an attorney.  (Sleeves!  Get some sleeves!)  Neither, unfortunately, are many of the “wear to the office” guides that places put together. 
This one is from The Limited.  The outfit on the left is not courthouse appropriate for attorneys.  The outfit on the right is probably okay, but with some close-toed shoes. 

these, from New York and Company:


Really, are there people with jobs that allow them to wear dressy stappy sandals like that?  And I’m sorry, but just because something has buttons down the front does not make it a “suit.”. 

The winner though, is the place that keeps coming up when I ask where to go to get work clothes, or when I compliment a coworker’s suit, they tell me it’s from here – Banana Republic:

Close toed shoes.  A conservative silk shell.  Minimal, stylish jewelry.  I’m not really sure what the flowers are about, but this is a summer work outfit I can get on board with, if it wasn’t $300.



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3 responses to “Spring is here!

  1. I work in the fricken arts and I would never wear a sleeveless top with a coverup or jacket on top. Who are these people?

    • That should have said “…never wear a sleeveless top withOUT a coverup or jacket…”

      • vadoporroesq

        I figured. I’m relieved to know that I’m not alone in my appalled ness. I’m wearing my short sleeved jacket today and decided that I work with the elderly and can take the fashion risk.

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